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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Defining Days!

These are the days...

How we react to events of the day, will define us. What are our essential qualities? Every one of us has a responsibility to be informed, to take a stand. Not taking a stand is taking a stand. Jean Paul Sartre would remind us that we are responsible for everything. For all our sins. And everyone else's sins too. Even those who don't believe in sins.

Are you a collaborator?  A quisling? What is your vision of yourself? What is your vision of America?

Foundational questions are bubbling up. Every day. Time seems to be speeding up. Instead of the "outrage of the day," it's now the "outrage of the hour."  Exhausting.

But we have to speak, stand up. Bad shit is in the air. We have given the keys to the car to a sick man, and looks like he is willing to drive us all off a cliff.

It is easy to destroy things. Much harder to put things back together. We have to hope that our Democracy is resilient. We have to be strong, tough-minded. 

We haven't always lived up to our own ideals. But to ban people based on their religion is UnAmerican. This is a foundational issue. What we say, what we do, will define us for the ages.

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