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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I'm Against It!

Whatever that "third-rate circus clown" said last night, says today, and will say tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow, well, be assured, I Am Against It!

I am reading Bruce Springsteen's new memoir. No surprise, the Boss is an excellent writer. I am only about 70 pages in. I was surprised by many things. I will probably write about it all when I finish the book. Safe to say it's funny, enlightening, inspiring, touching.

I learned that Bruce's first band "The Castiles" played Doo-Wop, R&B and Motown.  Got me thinking of my own foundational influences. Probably would have to say Beatles, Monkees (my brother, sisters and I would jump around our living room to the Monkees Greatest Hits for hours!), and Bob Dylan. 

I recently decided to tackle Dylan's great, epic song, "Like a Rolling Stone." This is the song that blew my mind wide-open. Nothing was really ever the same again. Funny, cutting, rocking, brilliant, slippery. Dylan was young, pissed-off, funny and smarter than the next guy. Made me want to be just like him. I can hear that initial rim-shot beginning today and it's like the first time listening all over again. Here's my little, humble, acoustic stab at greatness. A fun song to sing for sure.

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