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Friday, February 17, 2017

Trapped in a Scary, Warped, Fun-House of Horrors!

Unmoored from reality. Unhinged. Touched. Mad. Insane. Kooky. Nuts. Nutty. Silly. Wacky. Berserk. Cuckoo. Lunatic. Psycho. Screwball. Barmy. Bats in the Belfry. Bonkers. Cracked. Daft. Delirious. Flipped out. Fruity. Idiotic. Mad as a Hatter. Maniac. Nutty as a fruitcake. Unsound. Out of one's mind. Out to lunch. Around the bend. Screwy. Unglued.

I figure we need lots of new words to try to describe our so-called 45th President. Language. We need lots of creative language.

Hard to describe that man. The way he speaks. The way his mind works. Listen long enough and it's like being trapped in a scary, warped, fun-house of horrors.

"Rants and Raves!" Yes...

Josh Marshall takes a stab at describing  yesterday's stream of consciousness madness: "That press conference speaks for itself."

And he gives us the 8 craziest moments.

I am beginning to think that The 3rd Rate Circus Clown's fans just love the form, the symbol of the man. They love to see a big blowhard ranting at the Press, ranting against the Democrats, ranting about Hillary Clinton. They just love the form of the messenger.

They are not listening to the content of the rants. They aren't parsing the message. Anyone with any sensibility, any thinking human being that actually listens to what the man is saying realizes he is totally bonkers. Out of touch. Unmoored from reality. 

The Dude did not answer any of the burning questions gripping D.C. He just dug himself deeper into the fog of the Russian Dupe in the White House Mystery.  

We have a major problem on our hands. 

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