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Friday, August 31, 2018

Did He Want to Be Elvis, The Monster, or Chopin? Why Choose?

From Up-Tight, The Velvet Underground Story...

Victor Brockis: Did you see John's (Cale) personality breaking in two, in the sense that on the one hand he was a very creative personality balancing on the edge, on the other hand he had a very old-fashioned romantic sensibility?

Betsy Johnson: Yeah... and on the other hand he always wanted that hit-45 or hit Single. He's the same way now.

Art Finkelstein: I could never figure out whether John Cale wanted to be Elvis Presley, the Frankenstein Monster, or the young Chopin.

Hanky Panky Nohow by John Cale

If the sacheting of gentlemen
Gives you grievance now and then
What's needed are some memories of plaining lakes
Those plaining lakes will surely calm you down

Nothing frightens me more
Than religion at my door
I never answer panic knocking
Falling down the stairs upon the law
What law?

There's a law for everything
For elephants that sing to keep
The cows that agriculture won't allow
Hanky-panky know how, hanky-panky know how
Hanky-panky know how

There's a name for everything
For elephants that sing to keep
The cows that agriculture won't allow
Hanky-panky know how, hanky-panky know how
Hanky-panky know how

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Tell-Tale Tricky-Dick Back Trick!

Have you been following Rachel Maddow? She is tracking with the Russian Dupe in the White House Investigation on a daily basis. She really gets into the weeds on the story. Deep dive details. She is great at giving a grand overview of what's happening at the same time she delves deep into the murk. Not easy to do, so many characters, so many contradictory story-lines, a complex tale, unfolding now.

She also has been giving us a little history lesson. Reaching back to Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. There are many overlapping threads between that scandal and our current raging scandal. The one key thing they have in common: There is a Criminal in the White House. Except in today's scandal we have an ominous Russian twist.

One thing I love about Rachel's little history lesson, it shows that the country can survive a devastating scandal. The rule of law can work. The Courts, the Congress, cooler heads in the Republic can prevail. Hopefully, that is a precedent we can follow in our present predicament.

I do expect this guy, famous, self-described "rat-fucker," Roger Stone will emerge as a key player in the Russian Election Hack saga soon. I am expecting a Roger Stone indictment any day now. What was the tell-tale sign that this guy was/is a serious dirty trickster to be reckoned with? He had the ultimate Dirty Trickster, Tricky Dick himself tattooed on his back... the tell-tale tricky-dick back trick!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A Sluggish Life!

Geese flying overhead at dawn. They call to each other and their voices are like ancient souls, speaking in an ancient tongue, calling from the great beyond. Puts me in a wistful mood. It's the same when I hear a train whistle. Time. Going by. The sun is behind clouds. The streets are dark, it's cooler here, a big storm last night banished the heat. I'm in a foreign place, drinking someone else's coffee, typing on someone else's keyboard, listening to John Cale's "Vintage Violence," the full album via You Tube. Cale is my latest rage. All of his work speaks to me. A couple days ago, I rifled through my CD collection and pulled out all the old Cale records I own. Is anyone better than John Cale in all his various guises? I think not.

Slept well. It happens often when I'm sleeping in someone else's place. Better mattress, better pillows, quieter. There is an element of "being on vacation," vacation from my normal routine. I hear on the radio this morning, that it might be better to be "lazy," a slower metabolism might mean a longer life. Live a Sluggish Life! Funny. I am constantly stoking my metabolism with coffee, hyping myself up, working myself into a lather. Often I am just an aimless ball of energy looking for something to do. What a life.

Some days you feel totally in the stream, in the middle of the stream, flowing along with the day, other times, you feel like you are on the shore, on the sidelines, lurking, sort of invisible to the day. Today has that invisible kind of feel. I could disappear into the ether at any moment and no one would notice. Falling into the Great Unknown. The Great Unknowing. A Sluggish Life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Do Something Beautiful..." G. Maupassant

"It was 1965. They decided to follow Guy Maupassant's dictim to "Do something beautiful in the form that suits you best according to your own temperament."

I am re-reading "Up-tight" a great book about The Velvet Underground. Excellent summer reading. The origin story of the Velvets. A story of the 60's and one of the great seminal r&r bands. Folks all dressed in black (except Nico), with dark shades, and a commitment to exploring the stark realities of existence all presented in a wild multi-media extravaganza: Andy Warhol's "Exploding Plastic Inevitable."

I love Andy Warhol's mantra: "Do the work."

I love stories about artistic folks finding each other. I love stories of unique souls getting in a room together and creating something new. The original lineup of the Velvets only lasted for one record, Nico left after the first one, John Cale left after the second one. Seems Lou Reed was difficult sort; brilliant, driven, uncompromising. Reed saw himself as some kind of R&R Raymond Chandler, chronicling the underbelly life in the big city.

So many great characters turn up in this saga: Reed, Cale, Nico, Sterling Morrison, Mo Tucker, Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Betsy Johnson, Edie Sedgwick, Gerard Malanga, Warhol's galaxy of Superstars.

I find it all inspiring. Creative, impossible characters always onto the next thing. While I'm reading the book I've been close listening to all the records. The Velvets recorded some of the finest, most uncompromising, original, edgy r&r ever committed to vinyl. They didn't sell a lot of records at the time, but how many bands did they inspire over the succeeding years? Too many to count.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Who's in Command Here?

Sometimes you wonder if anyone is in charge. Who is the Authority? Is everything up to us? Is there anyone we can look to for guidance, for advice? Are there any Wise Souls out there? Are we really all on our own? Are we the Authority? Are we making it up as we go?

Is this all just a grand Manichaean soap opera? Is it a daily, existential battle of Good vs. Evil? Or is it a murky, infinite, spectrum of gray? I kind of like the idea of a dualistic cosmology, dueling cosmos. Crossbows at dawn!

"Manichaeism taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness.[5] Through an ongoing process that takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light, whence it came. Its beliefs were based on local Mesopotamian religious movements and Gnosticism."

Can we put our money on Zoroaster, you know, the old, wise-guy who predicted "the ultimate destruction of evil."  I guess the jury is still out... to be continued... I mean, we are only here on a temporary basis, this Good vs Evil thing seems like it could be a bit of a drawn-out affair...

I think of this famous scene from Apocalypse Now... who is in command? Maybe Roach knows...

Willard: "Who's the Commanding Officer here?"
Gunner: "Ain't You?"

(Later in the scene...) 

Willard: "Hey Soldier, do you know who's in command here?" 
Roach: "Yeah."

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Gratifying & Unexpected!

Our band whitewolfsonicprincess played a r&r benefit show out in the Western Suburbs last night. Way out West. We think of it as the "Land Beyond O'Hare." Or, "The Land that Time Forgot."

We played a full set of originals, on a bill with a whole lineup of cover bands: Boston, Rush, Prince, Beatles, Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Heart. We felt like fish out of water, for sure. Was it a good show for whitewolfsonicprincess!? The Sound-Tech said, "You guys made my night." The drummer in the last band on the bill said, "You guys were the best band tonight." A woman at the bar said, "Everyone at the bar was mesmerized." The burly ex-punk rocker said, "Loved your set, it was beautiful." Yes, surprisingly, it was a good one.

You never know, right? We have a weird, arty, bohemian kind of vibe to our band. We definitely felt and looked like strangers in a strange land. Maybe it's good to see so starkly what we are not, so we can embrace what and who we really are... We did connect. Our weird-ness, our strange-ness came across, and still, folks were listening. That was gratifying and totally unexpected.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Trump's Favorite Pecker Spilling Beans Now!

Tabloids. We have all seen them in the check-out line at the grocery store, and at the pharmacy.  My favorite headline, ever, which I used in one of my plays back in the 2000's: "Ventriloquist in Coma, Dummy Still Talking!"

That wasn't from David Pecker's National Enquirer, it was from the Weekly World News, which was the Onion, before the Onion.  Looks like Trump's favorite Pecker just got immunity, and will be spilling the beans soon. Oh my!

Anyway, I didn't find the Ventriloquist cover, but I did find some good ones this morning...

An empty tomb. Now that's some excellent, posthumous, legend-building PR. Worked for Jesus too! 

Friday, August 24, 2018

The Dead-Enders of the Dead End.

Let's just state it plainly, this MAGA Zombie Death Cult supporting our Little Baby Man President, you know, the Corrupt Idiot King, is a dead-end. These folks are the dead-enders of the dead end. There is no reasoning with them, no arguments will persuade them. They are beyond hope and redemption.

The media has been in thrall to them for too long. Some have tried to persuade us that they represent a legitimate movement, that they herald in some new dark future where Anger & Hate and Racism & a bred-in-the-bone Ignorance rule.

We need to reject that framing of the political landscape. These MAGA folks are the Kool-Aid Drinkers of Jonestown, or the "religious millenarian cult" followers of Heaven's Gate. MAGA is a cult of the brain-dead. They will follow their corrupt, compromised leader over the cliff, no matter what. We need to tune them out. Out-vote them. Move them out of the way.

Their Dear Leader is imploding, choking on his own suppurating corruption. The worms of death, decay, and putrefaction are oozing from all his orifices. There is a deep ugliness on display. It will get worse. Little Baby Man's Long Nightmare is just beginning. The Smart People will keep their distance, please avoid the toxic, noxious, putrefying fumes emanating from the MAGA crowd. MAGA will die hard.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Knocking the Game-Board to the Ground!

"Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted."

"Truth isn't True."

"Crime isn't Crime."

The Apologists and Supporters of our current Cult Leader tell us, their favored, Powerful, Brain-Addled MAGA Hero can do no wrong. We have entered a Kaleidoscopic Hall of Mirrors. If you are losing the argument, in court, in the public square, in the face of a mountain of facts, well, I suppose you just knock the game-board to the ground.

The rest us should just take a deep breath. We can keep our feet on the ground. Renew our trust in gravity, common sense, the scientific method, the rule of law, a constitutional order. Don't get distracted by the Bullshit, the PR Blitz, Propaganda, Disinformation.

This is actually a very simple story: Corrupt people living lives of corruption, at the expense of the rest of us. And what were these corrupt people willing to do? Sell us all out, for $, for power, for comfort, luxury. Things have gotten quite twisted, and lots of folks are confused, or maybe just will-fully ignorant. There is lots of hate and bad blood, and the majority of the MAGA folks are really just trolling us.

We have to be clear-headed, clear-eyed. Be meticulous in our thinking. Don't let passions overwhelm. We can work through this together. Truth will out. Crime is crime. Not everything is permitted. And that's a good thing. We can do our best to live honest lives. We can lean to the light. We know right from wrong. We can be smart, compassionate, enlightened. Yes. We. Can.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Still Life - Banana!

You would think I'd want to comment on the political firestorm that blew up yesterday. "A sitting President is implicated in a criminal conspiracy to mislead the American public in order to influence an election."  I do think the story has legs, and it may be the beginning of a long nightmare for our Little Baby Man President.

But, no, I would rather post and comment upon this "accidental" still-life photo I took yesterday. I was unpacking CDs from my Yippiefest sound-tech duties, re-organizing big piles of CDs, and this particular CD ended up next to this particular banana. No kidding.

I wondered, Is the Universe sending me a message? I'm not sure. I did eat the banana. I also ended up listening to the CD. Nutritious. Satisfying. It was only later that I regretted eating that banana. It was so handsome. I thought, I could have done a whole series of still-lives; that particular banana with significant CDs from other eras. Too late. That banana is long gone.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Pre & Post Show Hustle!

A three day weekend. A flurry of activity. Hardly slept. Hardly ate. Powered by adrenaline. Not sure if that is healthy or not. Yesterday, still hustling, cleaning up, putting large black boxes back in their usual places.

"Rock music is mostly about moving big black boxes from one side of town to the other in the back of your car." - David Thomas, Pere Ubu

It is funny. The pre & post show hustle is just as important as the time you spend on stage in front of an audience. The preparation, the rehearsals, the getting gear sorted out. It can be a Zen thing. Pick up the box, carry it down the stairs, hustle it back to the rehearsal space.

Then there is the post-show assessment. What went right? What went wrong? I broke a string on Sunday. It happens. Sometimes I play with a bit too much enthusiasm, but then there is the normal wear and tear, the humidity, all the up and down tuning. My backup guitar is a gorgeous-looking Epiphone guitar, but it just doesn't have the same gravity that my old 1979 Japanese-made Hohner possesses.

And it just doesn't feel the same. I am so married to that old, clunky Hohner. I am now on the search for another one. Same model, same year. Another mad quest. Just to make the show, and our performances a little better. It's the day after, the day after.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Physicality of the Human!

"Baby, baby, you are out of time..." I can hear Mick Jagger singing that line...

My last three summer days were spent in a theater space. Running sound, performing, watching other performers. It was a pretty amazing display of human creativity in all it's forms: music, poetry, theater, comedy. The human thing. Lots of humans creating. They called it Yippiefest 2018. 

You should have been there. There is a really unique thrill about being in a room with other human beings focused on creative exploration. A visceral kick. Sharing the same space, the same air. The physicality of the human. You can't get it on a screen: a tv, a laptop, a phone.

I was reminded that I am a man "out of time." I think it was the iPod (an ancient device), or the Walkman (pre-historic), the collection of CD's (obsolete), I armed myself with, plus, also, of course, the cells of my body (worn, ragged, beat, beatific?). These hands, this head, this body. How many turns around the sun for me? Too many to count.

I was overwhelmed by the energy of the room. The flow of the days and nights. The energy. Energy really is Eternal Delight (hat tip: Wm. Blake). I conjured up a bit of my own energy too. I was tired, over-extended, but when I entered that theater space I was flooded with energy. Renewed. A festival of the Human Thing.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

What is that Stuff?!

I was going to ask Google: "What is that drug my neighbor's brother is hooked on?" But I realized, that isn't really how it works, right?

What't up with my neighbor's brother? He usually seems like a nice enough chap. But once in awhile he indulges in some unique substance that makes him go into a weird, exotic, monkey-man routine.

He was out in front of our building one night going nuts: jumping up and down, slapping himself in the face, wheezing and choking and coughing. He looked like a mad-monkey on meth. He looked like he was dying on his feet.

Weird noises came out of him. He was in major distress. You wonder is it crack, meth, synthetic marijuana, or some strange combo? Folks were out in the street, they kind of gave him a wide berth. Whatever he was up to, no one wanted to engage with him. After about 40 minutes or so of this toxic-shock foolishness he kind of mellowed out a bit.

An officer of the law came by, and they had a sociable conversation. Funny. And then the officer decided to move on to more pressing things.

Madman. The stuff, whatever is/was, makes you act like a total madman. You'd think it would be a one-time thing, maybe he accidentally took too much of something, he'd never touch that shit again, but no, our neighbor's brother was back at it about a week later. Same mad-monkey meth routine. Weird. Whatever that shit is, this guy can't get enough. Madness. I'd take the Nancy Reagan advice: "Just Say No!" A mind is a terrible thing to waste. There are the "miracle drugs," and then there are the "Mad Monkey on Meth Drugs." Choose wisely Grasshopper!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

My Own Little Madness!

There are those days that run away from you like wild horses. You try to catch up, not possible. You watch the day gallop away, you are left in the dust. Today has been that kind of day.

It follows a long night in a dark theater space, running sound for a festival of acts. Not unusual for me. I have spent many hot, summer days in August in a little black box theater trying to commit grievous acts of creation. Semi-theatrical, musical, odd-ball performances of all kinds.

I am not made for summer. My summer-wear: black jeans, black boots, black t-shirt, dark shades, and a hat, usually of a darker shade. It's my own little madness.

Friday, August 17, 2018

"In the Hologram You Create."

Yeah. When I grow up, I want to be like water. I also want to remember all the great things I used to read and to know. So much of our time on earth is spent "laughing, crying and forgetting..."

The highest good is like water.

Water benefits all the material beings very well, and doesn't contend.

It stays at the place which many people think is bad.

Therefore, it is close to Tao.

Simply, it never contends, so it never errs.

Tao Te Ching (paraphrased)...

Be like water. (若水: "like water" in Chinese characters / kanji. 
In Tao Te Ching's original text, it is written 上 善 若 水, which mean "high, good, like, water" respectively, according to the order of the characters.) 

It is the best way.

Water never resists. It accepts all.

It never judges.

Therefore, to be one with Tao, be like water.

Do not fight. For you know there is neither a winner nor a loser in your hologram that you create.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Stuckness vs. Flow.

Stuckness: "The state or fact of being unable to move or progress; the feeling of being stuck." 

Yeah. Being stuck is unhealthy. We get stuck in our thinking. Things get stuck in our craw. There is lack of movement. No flow. Obstruction. Obstacles. Blockage. Things get stuck in our heads, our bodies. A kind of illness.

We need to release, relax, let things flow. As per George Harrison: "Life flows within you, and without you." There is deep wisdom there.

Life is grasping, and letting go. Work around. Re-think. Start again. Reboot. Recharge. Flow. Go with the flow. Always be flowing. If you are stuck, in a state of stuckness, it's time for a re-think, a break in the routine, stand on your head, shake it up, baby.  Twist. And shout. Flow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Still Waters Run Deep!

Still waters run deep: "a proverb of Latin origin." Had a long sleep, but it was all tossing and turning. You may think everything is under control, that you are doing fine, handling everything you need to handle, but then, you are possessed by crazy, disturbing dreams, inundated with odd, weird, uncanny, David Lynch-ian sequences.


So then, in the light of day, you wonder... What's was that all about? What's going on? What am I missing? Why was my sleep state so disturbing? There is no grand narrative thread, just disjointed scenes, odd images.

I do remember being in a car, a little black Pontiac Fiero, (I owned one of those in the eighties), a terrible car, a mid-engine design, very unstable on the road. And yes, I took a corner too fast and ended up spinning out, up and over an embankment, and flipped-out over a stone wall.

I landed in a field. Upright. Okay. Shaken and stirred. Out of control. That's the message. Out of control. Still waters run deep.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Does Anyone Really Believe that B.S.?

White Supremacy... it's a joke, right? A bad joke. Funny & Not Funny. It has caused a lot of pain, heartache, and horror for generations of humans.  Genocide. Slavery. The Horror. Man's Inhumanity to Man.

A bunch of white folks get together and decide that they are better, more worthy, than all the other varieties of human beings. It's sounds absurd, ridiculous. How is it possible anyone would believe that bullshit?

As a long-time white person myself, one who has been around lots of white folks for most of my life, I can assure you we white folk aren't superior to anyone or anything! Some of us are just barely functional, barely competent. We are just Human Beings pretty much like all the other Human Beings running around wreaking havoc on the planet. Flawed. Conflicted. Complicated. Complex. Bifurcated. Messed up.

Human Beings are so easily fooled, so easily confused. We fuck up all the time! We end up believing all kinds of crap that has no basis in reality. It's pretty evident that the amount of melatonin in our skin doesn't matter a whit, except maybe in terms of how much sunblock we need when the sun's rays are beating down on us.

Some of this white supremacy Shite is, of course, just pure, bad faith. Meanness. Evil. Rat Bastard Evil Shit. Stupid Rat Bastard Evil Shit. Monumentally, Epically, Willfully, Stupid Rat Bastard Evil Shit. Add it to the enormous shit-pile of really Idiot Ideas that have clouded Human Being's minds since the Dawn of Man!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Greatly Out-Numbered!

I turn on the radio this morning and hear that the Alt-Right Nazis marching in Washington D.C.  and Charlottesville were greatly out-numbered by the Counter- Alt-Right Protestors.  That's all I needed to hear. I snapped off the radio, and immediately put on a CD... Dead Can Dance.

Celebrate the good news. It comes in drips and drabs, but sometimes that is all we need... I loved reading this over at Vox: 

"From the moment they arrived in DC, the alt-right attendees were greatly outnumbered by thousands of counterprotesters, who took to the streets in both Charlottesville and Washington, DC, this weekend to push back against emboldened white supremacy."

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Glory Be to the Vibe!

And what of me? I have spent much of my time in small rooms with other people, making invisible connections, and creating energy.

A Life of Vibes!

Folks will often say to my primary collaborator and I: "I love the vibe you guys create." Hah! Creating vibes. What's up with that? It's always a bit surprising. This comment usually comes up when we are in a room trying to create something. We are just doing our thing. Being. Maybe we have kind of developed a "way to the vibe," or discovered how to get to a creative space here we can facilitate a vibe, but this comes very naturally, without thought. We have no idea how this really happens.

What kind of vibes do we conjure? I'd guess, Creative, Supportive, Theatrical, Musical. Sometimes, hopefully Transcendent. If all goes well, we conjure vibes bending/working towards the spiritual. It's just a result of our creative efforts. To conjure something (a song, a set of music, a scene, a monologue, a stage picture) that didn't exist until we all got in a room together.

Vibes are invisible, ephemeral, insubstantial. They don't have a long shelf-life. They are hard to define, hard to pin down, you can't store them and keep them for another day. They are not the "coin of the realm," they won't pay the rent, but once you experience them, you realize you are on the right track. The Life-Track!

The process, the work of creating vibes is essential, powerful, beautiful and soul-enriching. It's not an intentional process, it's instinctual, this "vibe-creating" just kind of happens when you focus on the work, when you sink deeply into the moment. You lose yourself to the flow. It's a beautiful thing when it happens. Especially with a small group of creators.

I do believe the creative work is sort of a branch of magic. Conjuring up something new, something that never existed before. Even simple things, little things. Focusing on the act of creating is a powerful endeavor.

The vehicle is the song, the scene, the word, the action, but the greater thing we are creating, the thing we are shooting for, is a collective vibe. A process where 2+2=5. All for the vibe. Glory be to the vibe.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

It's that kind of Universe!

You start down that "God," rabbit hole, and you immediately encounter a major stumbling block: Evil. What is evil? Why does it exist? If there is a God, WTF? Or if there is no God, WTF?

Greater minds than mine have struggled with this question, all the great philosophers, all the world religions. It seems to be an unsolvable riddle, a plague, a disease, something that ensnares all human beings.

Does Evil exist only in the human heart and head, or is it an actual energy, or force like gravity that exists out in the world? Lots of  ideas, theories. Who knows?

I kind of like that Carl Jung idea that Evil is the Shadow-side of God. So you imagine a God Figure who is both Good and Evil; He, or She, or  It, kind of cancels itself out. Creator/Destroyer all in one.

We as Human Beings get to choose, or are chosen. I think I know what Evil is - lack of Love, lack of Empathy, lack of Intelligence, lack of Grace, lack of Compassion.  Some of us choose, some of us are chosen. Maybe accidents of birth, accidents of nature. A Universe where nothing is accidental, and accidents happen frequently.

Things fuck up. It's that kind of Universe.

Friday, August 10, 2018

An Entertaining Life...

God or no God (see previous 2 posts). God as Universe?

Probably doesn't matter, right? We are born into this world, a world we didn't make, and must live, as best we can, for as long as we can. There are no guarantees. Everything is change. Always moving, morphing. We are growing, our bodies are in motion, always changing too. A moving target trying to get our bearings on a moving target.

Big things shape our lives. Gravity. Geography. Society. Political regimes. History. Culture. War. Can we read, write, do we have a job? Are we healthy? Do we make intelligent choices? Do we have choices? Can we think? Think for ourselves?

How do make sense out of our experiences? How do we explain our lives to ourselves? What stories do we tell? What roles do we play? How do we make it day to day? So many questions. Very few definitive answers.

So God or no God? Whatever. What's for lunch?

We are in charge. We get to decide what has meaning in our lives. We must find a purpose. We get to choose what we value, what we honor, what we believe is right and holy. Is anything right and holy? It's up to us. We can imagine a Universe with a God, or a Universe without a God, but we are still left with a Universe. "This is the world, and you are in it..."

Entertainment. Life. That's Entertainment. "It's show time, folks..." It's all a bit of show-biz... life...

Thursday, August 09, 2018

"The Universe... Basically for Entertainment..." - Warren Sharpe

Why God? Might as well ask "Why a Duck."

I was raised as a Catholic, but in some ways it stuck, and in some ways it never did. I definitely absorbed the "smoke and mirrors" aspect, the pomp and circumstance, the theater of religion; the concepts of sin, guilt, conscience. I kind of dug that Jesus guy, but his story never quite added up, and really, the Jesus saga seemed like a non-squiter side-show to the grand story of the Universe.

But then again, I am attracted to charismatic prophets of all kindsstill, when push comes to shove, I'm not buying that eternal life or eternal damnation thing. I'll go with Love is the Answer.

Why God? Right? Why do we need a creator of the Universe? Why not God Becomes the Universe?

You find your insights where you find them. So in my case it's that long-haired, freaky-charismatic prophet from Oklahoma (see previous post) who led me down this path.

"The belief that God became the Universe is a theological doctrine that has been developed several times historically, and holds that the creator of the universe actually became the universe. Historically, for versions of this theory where God has ceased to exist or to act as a separate and conscious entity, some have used the term pandeism, which combines aspects of pantheism and deism, to refer to such a theology.[1][2][3] A similar concept is panentheism, which has the creator become the universe only in part, but remain in some other part transcendent to it, as well."

And then there's this, I realize I am actually a HINDU!

Warren Sharpe wrote: 

"To the Hindu, for example, God didn't create the universe, but God became the universe. Then he forgot that he became the universe. Why would God do this? Basically, for entertainment. You create a universe, and that in itself is very exciting. But then what? Should you sit back and watch this universe of yours having all the fun? No, you should have all the fun yourself. To accomplish this, God transformed into the whole universe. God is the Universe, and everything in it. But the universe doesn't know that because that would ruin the suspense. The universe is God's great drama, and God is the stage, the actors, and the audience all at once. The title of this epic drama is "The Great Unknown Outcome". Throw in potent elements like passion, love, hate, good, evil, free will; and who knows what will happen? No one knows, and that is what keeps the universe interesting. But everyone will have a good time. And there is never really any danger, because everyone is really God, and God is really just playing around."

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

"So instead of looking up and seeing Heaven and its endless possibilities and saying “that must be God” – we looked up and saw… the Universe and its endless possibilities and thought… the Universe has made us… Yep… But the rest is up to us…" - Wayne Coyne, The Flaming Lips, 2002

I have been on a musical excursion into the past. The murky past of The Flaming Lips.  They must be the wildest, weirdest r&r outfit to emerge out of the desolate plains of Oklahoma. It seems like an easy call.

I first discovered the Lips' 1999 release "The Soft Bulletin." A classic record, no doubt. If I was squeezed hard, and commanded to choose, I guess, I'd say it was their finest album.

But man, oh man, there is something about their early records. Especially as documented by  "The Day They Shot A Hole In the Jesus Egg," a compilation album of work they recorded 10 years earlier than "Bulletin." I own a copy of this extraordinary cd, which includes the complete album "The Priest Driven Ambulance," as well as Demos and Outtakes.

There is something so amatuer, ramshackle, experimental, creative, crappy but great sounding, a band learning how to be a band, and to make a record. It's just so great. Loose, so loose, it seems like it's all just a lark, or gonna fall apart. Crappy equipment, cheap guitars, an engineer learning on the job. Humor, creativity, a bit of weird, off-kilter genius in those songs.

Plus you get Jonathan Donuhue, the secret musical weapon who went on to form Mercury Rev, as well, as the great, charimatic, show-man, and hard-scrabble, always questioning, always questing, philosopher-king Wayne Coyne.  Not only is the music great. I recommend you read the liner notes. There is wisdom to be found in the notes.  Wayne was/is a searcher. This is a document of his search. Yes, brilliant, crazy, gloriously obsessed. Fine stuff. Indeed.

"God Walks Among Us Now!!"

"You see we were struggling to believe in ourselves and maybe you have to believe in other things besides yourself before you can believe in yourself… Maybe like playing someone else’s songs – before you can see any merit in your own songs. So you see when we sang “Waitin’ for my ride – Jesus is floating outside – shine on Sweet Jesus on me” we weren’t expressing a belief in Jesus or God, or any Higher Power – we were expressing a belief in… believing… To try to come to terms with what believing means and use it to create ourselves. And as we attempted this, we discovered that truly all meaning is subjective and, in a sense, a fabrication – that we weren’t right and they weren’t wrong – it was the same thing. And this was frightening and perplexing – science should’ve easily proved to be a more worthy master… but no… You see as we were re-exploring the idea of allowing oneself to be “guided by the light” we found it unexpectedly rejuvenating and again saw the power of religion equal to the power of the cosmos…!!!… What could this mean… ??? Not believing something has designed you, forces you to design yourself??? Fuck that, I do not say it as a matter of pride “I invented myself”… so what – everybody invents themselves – only we had to do it in a moment of despair before we disappeared inside ourselves… And in a blazing time-encapsuled instant, we chose, out of panic, to accept that we are descended from stars not build from the molecules of Christ. And if religious folks could submit to “GOD” because he’s great and powerful that perhaps we could submit to “the Universe” because it’s great and powerful – We made an exchange… (which is the only way – insanity surely awaits those desperate souls who are suspended for too long in between_ - we had lost the lord but gained the world… So instead of looking up and seeing Heaven and its endless possibilities and saying “that must be God” – we looked up and saw… the Universe and its endless possibilities and thought… the Universe has made us… Yep… But the rest is up to us…"

June 2002

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

"Someone Will Get Killed." - Hamilton Nolan

Enemies of the People...

Yes. Hamilton Nolan is correct: "Someone Will Get Killed." Will it be Little Baby Man's fault? Yes. It will. He will have blood on his hands. No doubt. His Kremlin Buddy, Putin, the Tin-Pot Autocrat, kills journalists all the time. He thinks it's part of the job. Little Baby Man is following the classic Autocratic Playbook. This will all end badly. This will be Little Baby Man's "greatest" legacy. Blood. Martyring Journalists.  This demonizing a Free Press must STOP! Little Baby Man is at war with the press, with truth and with reality.

"Trump’s Goebbels-esque determination to hammer the public with the idea that Fake News Is The Enemy has served as proof of concept to hundreds of lower-level elected officials across the country, whose beady eyes have now lit up with the realization that they too can brush off every negative story in the local paper about how they hired their cousin to head the local Mosquito Control Board by mouthing the phrase “fake news” and charging the local city council reporter with being a tool of anti-America global elite interests."


"The journalist who gets killed will end his or her life as a monument to the majestic but mistaken idea that the press can stand separate and apart from politics in a democracy. It is an idea that is too beautiful to exist in modern America. As other dictators, strongmen, and craven political opportunists have demonstrated many times before, an impartial press is no match for the unrestrained human ambition for power. For a long time reporters have labored under the noble delusion that they are the Red Cross on the battlefield of truth. When they start getting murdered, they’ll realize they were soldiers all along."

Monday, August 06, 2018

"They All Want to Be the Next Hitler." - Noel King

Noel King is a journalist who embedded for a year with White Nationalists of America. He wrote a book about it, "Everything You Love Will Burn." I haven't read the book, but I did hear an interview with Noel King this morning on NPR.  Chilling. Money quote: "They All Want to Be the Next Hitler."

How is that for a nice Monday morning thought-train? A bunch of White Nationalist Wanna-Be Hitlers running around the land trying to stir up the next racial conflagration. Plus, of course, our current President is giving us 24/7 Hate on TV, Twitter and in Newspapers across the land.

Yes, if you were to distill our current President, to his essence, you would say he is the Leader of a Movement of Hate. And just how much Hate can we absorb? How do we rise above the Hate? I guess, I am left with the idea that the Haters in the land are out-numbered. They are a fringe movement, they make lots of noise, can cause lots of trouble, but really they are a marginal side-show. Sort of like one big, rabid, frothing Jerry Springer Show.

We need to out-organize, out-hustle, out-vote the Haters. This morning, I put on my favorite shirt which my friend bought for me many birthdays ago, a time when the money was flowing a bit more freely; a beautiful, very colorful, well-made dress-shirt, made in India. A beautiful, well-made thing. Sewed into it at the seam, near bottom of the shirt, is a motto: Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth.  

Yes. Words to live by.

How do I live with myself in this frothing dystopia? I fight the internal despair, and the prevalent cynicism that is all around me. I refuse to give in. I always lean to the light, try to always see the positive, even in the depths of darkness. I can't vote mutiple times, I live in a totally concentrated "Blue" city, in a decidedly Blue state, but I'm always talking up a new Progressive Era, even if it's just a glimmer of a glimmer. Hope dies last.

Think. Write. Speak. The Truth. Seek Knowledge, Seek Wisdom. Believe in believing in a better day. Love over Hate. Every time.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

"Praying the Pieces Wouldn't Fall on Me..." - B. Dylan

Some incredibly dumb people, (also incredibly racist, misogynist, homophopic and zenophobic), think they are incredibly smart.

Funny. Hilarious. Ridiculous.

They also think they have pulled off some incredibly successful conspiracy. Incredibly, they think they have fooled the rest of us.

Funny. Hilarious. Ridiculous.

The whole crazy-ass scheme is falling apart. And the Dumb-Ass at the heart of the whole conspiracy is panicking, thrashing about, calling the Free Press "the Enemies of the People."

Funny. Hilarious. Ridculous.

Also, a bit crazy and dangerous. It is all unraveling. Big-time. Look out. As per Bob Dylan:  “the man standing next to me, his head was exploding, while I was praying the pieces wouldn’t fall on me.”

UPDATE: Ha. Ha. Ha. Our Little Baby Man Prez now thinks his son may have "accidentally" committed a crime by meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower. I guess that means his spawn will "accidentally" be going to Prison in the near future?

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Money. Dirty Money. Filthy Money. Blood Money.

Money.  Dirty Money. Filthy Money. Blood Money.

I think we are entering the phase of this Grand Russian Dupe in the White House Scandal where we get to the receipts. Ka-Ching! Russian Money. The Sound of Money. The Color of Money. Laundered Money.

What are you willing to Sell for $$$? Your Loyalty? Your Ethics? Your Intelligence? Your Mother? Your Soul? Your Country? Your Political Party? A U.S. Election?

Living in a Capitalist Paradise. What are the Limits? What is Not For Sale? What is Sacrosanct? What is Holy? Does everything have a price? Are we all sell-outs? Are we all Whores? Is America just a super-grand Whorehouse?

Whatever happened to Peace, Love, Understanding? Or Liberty, Fraternity, Equality?

Friday, August 03, 2018

America is Not Just a Playground for the Wealthy!

Are there really super-weathly people in America who are trying to undermine Democracy in the United States? Are the wealthy really trying to wreck Government? Really? I mean is that just a myth, or it there really something to the idea?

For instance, "Robert Mercer, the New York hedge-fund magnate whose huge donations to pro-Trump groups in 2016 have been credited with putting Donald Trump in the White House..."

Is his daughter Rebekah really trying to "relive the thrill of the campaign with friends around her dinner table," by playing an elaborate parlor game called "Rules of Play?"

Janet Mayer of the New Yorker has the ugly details. Gob-smackng shite. What a freaking ugly game. When do the rest of us decide that America is not just the playground for the wealthy?

"The Rules include a description of Mercer’s father’s “character.” “Robert Mercer,” the instructions say, “sits atop one of the most powerful geo-political networks on the planet,” which is “driven by a next-generation technology stack with a business model.” They go on to note that “the Mercer Family is both a rival and an ally of the Kochs,” and claim that although the Mercers lack the “scale of business” of the Kochs, whose private company is the second largest in America, they compensate for it “with a constellation of over a dozen data analytics, machine learning, and electioneering companies around the world.” They continue, “The Mercers are building a global far-right movement to embed Judeo-Christian values” while “keeping government small, ineffective and out of the way.”

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Snappy Answers to Incredibly Stupid Questions...

Incredibly Stupid Questions:

If the President of the USA was innocent, of "Conspiracy to Defraud" the USA, and of "Obstruction of Justice," he would gladly meet with the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, for an interview to tell his story and to clear his name, right?!

That's what any innocent person would do, right?

And since, he would just be telling the truth, there would be no worries about telling his story, and answering any and all questions put to him, right?

It would be a simple process, no drama, sit down, tell the truth,  clear his name, move on, right?

What gives?

Snappy Answer (actually another question) :

Maybe he's hiding something?

BTW - This tweet reads a bit kooky, and deranged, and stupid and, sort of like someone who is worried... wonder why... ha, ha, ha...

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Conspiracy with a Hostile Foreign Power to Defraud the USA...

Remember this, I am pretty sure this will be useful in the coming months...

There are some folks who are quite familiar to all of us, and most likely many who are not, that should be worried...

Conspiracy against the United States, or conspiracy to defraud the United States,[1] is a federal offense in the United States of America under 18 U.S.C. § 371. The crime is that of two or more persons who conspire to commit an offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States.

From Senator Jeff Merkley:

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