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Friday, August 10, 2018

An Entertaining Life...

God or no God (see previous 2 posts). God as Universe?

Probably doesn't matter, right? We are born into this world, a world we didn't make, and must live, as best we can, for as long as we can. There are no guarantees. Everything is change. Always moving, morphing. We are growing, our bodies are in motion, always changing too. A moving target trying to get our bearings on a moving target.

Big things shape our lives. Gravity. Geography. Society. Political regimes. History. Culture. War. Can we read, write, do we have a job? Are we healthy? Do we make intelligent choices? Do we have choices? Can we think? Think for ourselves?

How do make sense out of our experiences? How do we explain our lives to ourselves? What stories do we tell? What roles do we play? How do we make it day to day? So many questions. Very few definitive answers.

So God or no God? Whatever. What's for lunch?

We are in charge. We get to decide what has meaning in our lives. We must find a purpose. We get to choose what we value, what we honor, what we believe is right and holy. Is anything right and holy? It's up to us. We can imagine a Universe with a God, or a Universe without a God, but we are still left with a Universe. "This is the world, and you are in it..."

Entertainment. Life. That's Entertainment. "It's show time, folks..." It's all a bit of show-biz... life...

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