Election 2020

Election 2020
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

100 candy-colored, acid freaked-out, monkeys.

Remember, I started out as an English Major...

I've sometimes thought that life (specifically my life) is like a novel.

I've read lots and lots of novels.

When I was much younger, life seemed sort of like a Charles Dickens novel. Lots of colorful characters, multiple plot-lines, little surprises along the way. Nice neat ending.

Later it seemed more like a Kurt Vonnegut novel. Time travel, circular time, sequences out of sequence. No clear cut ending.

Which then morphed into Philip K. Dick land. Unreliable narrator. Reality as fog. Bizarre happenings. Time slips. Paranoia. Justified Paranoia.

And now I'm convinced that there's a room somewhere, a room with 100 monkeys on acid and they are madly typing away on old Remington typewriters. Our lives are the resulting output (the rambling, shambling chatterings) of 100 candy-colored, acid freaked-out, monkeys.

The monkeys are having the time of their lives...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, George C. Scott

Fast Eddie and Minnesota Fats - the final game...

"How can I lose?"

"Fat Man, you shoot a great game of pool."

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I got onto this line of thinking from something Bruce Springsteen said in a documentary. He was talking about writing and recording his great album "Born to Run." He said that the songs were mainly about two things:

1. What happens when your dreams come true?

2. What happens when they don't?

And there is something about that album that makes you think of the times you've connected, and the times you've missed connecting. And it's kind of great and kind of sad too.

And actually there is just one answer to both questions: You make new dreams!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Two Kinds

It turns out there are two kinds of socialism.

Taking money from rich people and giving it to poor people is the bad kind.

Taking money from poor people and giving it to rich people is the good kind.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Really Large Number

This is all just a con game.

And the "confidence" has taken flight.

I know I live in a bubble, there isn't a Wal-Mart anywhere near me, but in my daily sojourns I must report that the NATIVES ARE RESTLESS. Confidence is vanishing and has as much value as one of those sub-prime mortgages, or one of those wacky credit default swaps.

What happens when no one believes? In anything?

I guess that's when the new game begins. Once upon a time...

UPDATE: Our political landscape has entered the Woody Allen "Bananas" phase. From today forward our new language will be Swedish, and everyone must wear their underwear on the outside. Check out this interview. This woman gives "clueless" a bad name. Scary Funny.

UPDATE NO. 2: Ok. This is freaking ridiculous. Pity. Finally, you have to pity the poor woman. There's that "deer in the headlight" thing going on. Everyone knows what it's like to try to bluff your way through something you have no clue about. But jeez, she's right, Alaska is right next to Russia! So what's the problem?! Holy shit!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thorn and Rose

The Lovely Carla and I collaborated on a video. It's gonna be part of our performance piece premiering at the Ravenswood Art Walk in a couple weeks. It's kind of slow and stately. Not as slow as Andy Warhol's famous 8 hour Empire State film, but still in this jump-cut, over-saturated media world this is a little contrary.

The Lovely Carla provided the inspiration and embodies the whole thing. I wrote and tracked the music (my grand opus!?), and pointed the video camera. Thanks to the sun and the beach and the flock of seagulls for all their assistance.

It's too long for YouTube, so I posted it at our MySpace site. If you have some time, and patience, give it a try.

There's text that goes along with the visuals. This will be the background for some foreground antics from both of us - live in real time. The main refrain: "Everyone knows, there's a thorn with every rose."

Thorn and the Rose

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We all Woke Up and Found Ourselves in "Shaun of the Dead"

T.S. Eliot wrote about The Hollow Men:

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw.

John Robb writes about The Hollow State:

It is merely a shell that has some influence over the spoils of the economy. The real power rests in the hands of corporations and criminal/guerrilla groups that vie with each other for control of sectors of wealth production. For the individual living within this state, life goes on, but it is debased in a myriad of ways.

And Wall Street's Men of Power and Influence put a gun to our collective head and tell us if we don't give them lots and lots of money, right now, they will MELTDOWN, I SWEAR!

Woody Guthrie once told us:

Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.

Are these people freaking kidding? This is all totally insane. I say: Let it melt. Let it melt...

Then lets make a new world.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Money Ate the Money, Honey!

Why do we paint and write, and put on plays, and dance and sing and play music?

So we have less time to think and fret about all the other crazy ass shit human beings do!

Anyway, this morning I'm thinking isn't it interesting that recent history seems to be showing us this picture:




Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shit Pile America!

I've been bouncing around the blogosphere this morning and it's all abuzz with the big 700 billion dollar bailout plan floated by the same people who basically stood by and watched Wall Street bankrupt America. This is certainly not my area of expertise. Check out this narrative from an insider if you are interested.

If you want to talk Telecasters and Stratocasters I have lots of informed commentary, but when guys like Paul Krugmen and Atrios tell me this deal stinks to high heaven I kind of give them the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe I simplify? That is my stock in trade...

The Big Money Boyz having been making oodles of money with money for years. The old fashioned way of making money, by doing work, providing real services, manufacturing goods, etc. was oh so old world.

The greed and corruption was a self-supporting vicious circle floating on a shit-pile of toxic waste (bad debt). The whole house of cards started collapsing, and the amounts of money at risk world wide turns out to be multiples of staggering.

This is the kind of thing (Black Swan) that could change our lives for a long, long time. And now, people in high places, are asking for the power and the money to make it all right. The same greedy bastards now tell us we must trust them to fix it.

And as John Robb reminds us, most of us were left out of the decision loop. The average American didn't reap the benefits, (Robb: "From 1974 onwards, the rewards of productivity growth (economic expansion) went exclusively to the capital markets and not into income growth for individuals. This was likely done, although the mechanism is unclear, under the assumption that the discipline of capital markets produced better investment decisions than individuals.") but will pay the piper.

Iraq, Katrina, Bailout. There does seem to be a pattern here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dancing on Needles

I've been engaged with some real sleaze-buckets. The dregs of the dregs. Real bad actors. Who knows maybe they are just a figment of my imagination?!

And they make me laugh, and make me stronger. And whatever they were trying to accomplish, I say "Hah! What fools! And thanks for showing me the way!"

Sometimes it is amazing and awe-inducing to see the depths of degradation a human being will gladly sink to. So very instructive. It is evident in the larger context and in the smaller context too. And then, well, we live in the context of no context.

Anyway, an interesting subject kind of came up in this context. Who is it that actually writes this blog? Is it dumps? is it sunny? Is it the one called "which one is dumps?" Are these words the result of the existential battle between two mythological characters: dumps and sunny?

Is it all the doing of the nameless flesh and blood apparition that fuels up on coffee and types into the void?

Is this "I" that "I" refer to just a fictive construction? Is every "I" a lie? Is this all just a fruitless branch of Epistemology or just pissing in the wind?

How many sunnyjimmy's can dance on the head of a pin? And once you get them all up there, is there any room for dumps?

I imagine the ideal blogger. "I" am not that blogger. I mean I'm not even sure I exist. Although I do believe God exists and he is the ideal blogger. But I imagine being him, and just like those Arthur Murray dance lessons, I tentatively try to follow the steps.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn -

I'm feeling happily apocalyptic this morn. Not sure why. I mean if it all comes crashing down around our ears, my bag of bones is just a vulnerable as the next poor joker's...

Still...this feeling of sunny euphoria is real. Maybe it's the coffee??

Here's the anthem as per Michael Stipe and REM:

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Was 30 Years of "Progress" just Vapor?

The myths we live with, the happy figments of our imaginations, sometimes run up against hard realities. That's when things get interesting. Party time!?

So, can we park "free market capitalism" and "trickle down economics" in the eternal dustbin of history?

As always, John Robb at Global Guerillas has a mind-opening take on what's happening to our global economic system. He and James Howard Kuntsler are two of our most perceptive observers - with highly polished axes to grind.

How about this from Robb:

"Would we have been better off if the benefits of massive productivity growth over the last three decades had been shared with hundreds of millions of Americans? Of course. In fact, it is hard to see any other way, other than an open decision making process, which would be able to deal with the growing complexity of the modern world -- from globalization to technological change to growing instability.

Can this be error be corrected? Probably not. Most Americans have fallen deeply into debt (mirrored by the US government) in an attempt to maintain lifestyles (or an illusion of progress). They don't have the financial resources for any meaningful decision making power left and worse, there isn't any recognition that a concentration of decision making was even a problem in the first place. In fact, given that most of the last 30 years of American economic investment is now vapor, it's hard to imagine us avoiding economic catastrophe."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning Diagnosis

The Lovely Carla tells me this morning...

"You are too much of...something."

She is so right...

And for some reason, (which I can't explain*), I think of this song..."take a load for free...and put the load right on me."

*Actually now that I think of it, I can explain why I picked this song. "Too Much of Something," made me think of Dylan's Basement Tapes song, "Too Much of Nothing," which he recorded in clouds of Mary Jane smoke in that famous Pink house with the Band.

I googled "Too Much of Nothing" on YouTube and came up with Peter, Paul and Mary. I just couldn't pull the trigger on that, so I searched "the Band" and picked one of their all-time best songs in this live performance from 1969. So there.

As the Lovely Carla says, "too much!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visualize Victory...

Go visit Art & Clairvoyance. Kris Cahill Presents the essential picture...

"I would like to suggest that, beginning now, today, you start to Visualize Victory. Every second you spend matching to the victory you’d like to Become, is precious time spent NOT matching to cynicism, defeat, war, hatred, suspicion, pain, depression. Imagine life as you’d like to live it. Be ready to change your own attitudes, yourself. Change of any kind always begins with the spirit, it begins within." - K.C.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Market Meltdown?!

Well, I guess these are the Financial Wizards who make money disappear!

I finally get the whole Wall Street thing.  Don't know why I didn't get it earlier.  I mean, I spent a lot of time at the race track betting on the ponies.

These guys in their shiny suits, pulling down their big time bucks were just a bunch of big-time bettors laying big money on the sure thing.

Never understood that strategy - all the bettors flocking to the window putting their money on the horse everyone else was putting their money on.  I've seen way too many 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 and even money horses get caught in the stretch!

Another vanity project.  

And when the Bankers start acting like high-rolling crack addicts hasn't the whole capitalism schtick kind of jumped the shark?  And tell me again, why do those money guys get to walk away with big fat checks when the bets come in, and all those little guys in the heartland have to reach in their pockets to bail them out when the bets go up in smoke? 

Nice racket.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"You are forgiven..." - Pete Townsend

I'm recovering from one of those glorious r&r nights.  Stayed up late playing music at the Red Line Tap.  WWSP lives!

Here it's raining.  Three straight days of driving rain.  Is it time to start building an Ark?

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Wes Anderson and his superb use of r&r songs in his movies.  Here's one of my all time favorites.  The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away," in "Rushmore," a movie about two friends in love with the same woman. There is the friendship, betrayal and then reconciliation. Here's the battle.

How many rock songs are about forgiveness?

And here's the Who doing the complete opus. One of their great performances.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Like a Hurricane

I have to credit the Lovely Carla for this scenario.  I just added a little color...

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a hurricane that would chase George W. Bush around everywhere he went? It would be his constant shadow. Chase him all over tarnation!  It would always remind him and us, what a complete wreck he has made of everything around him. 

Sort of like King Midas with a twist. In this case, everything "W" touches turns to a stinking pile of shit. And maybe the voices of the dead, those that suffered for one man's vanity, the civilians (men, women, children), the soldiers from all nations, would swirl around in that big old wind, and haunt the man until his last dying breath. 

But of course, maybe he wouldn't even notice. Yeah, probably not.  His fate is to be him.  I wouldn't want to wish that on anyone, even my worst enemy.  Ok, maybe my worst enemy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Movie

I love when I'm on the road, and music finds me. I sometimes feel like I'm in a Martin Scorsese (especially his early stuff) or Wes Anderson (pretty much every movie he's made) movie. Those two guys are the absolute masters of finding rock songs and marrying them to striking images. Those are the movie moments that totally imprint on my brain matter - bring some kind of transcendence.

Anyway, in the jimmydumps/sunnyjimmy movie that I'm in, I was on the road yesterday, making the long city trek from my humble abode to my brother's rehearsal space in Wicker Park. A long excursion through the cityscape. Always a trip. I found myself in a hipster joint on Milwaukee in the middle of hipster heaven. A place called Earwax. Which might not sound all that appealing, but really is.

On the music box they were playing Bob Dylan's "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands." This is one of those unlikely Dylan masterpieces, I doubt whether he ever did it live. Wonder what those session cats in Nashville back in 1966 thought when Dylan pulled out reams of lyrics? Anyway, it's sort of a long, ploddy song, that takes flight. And the obscure and mysterious lyrics just send me to another realm. Love it.

With your sheets like metal and your belt like lace,
And your deck of cards missing the jack and the ace,
And your basement clothes and your hollow face,
Who among them can think he could outguess you?
With your silhouette when the sunlight dims
Into your eyes where the moonlight swims,
And your match-book songs and your gypsy hymns,
Who among them would try to impress you?
Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed prophet says that no man comes,
My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums,
Should I leave them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?

And the little hipster boys and girls in Earwax, with their cool tattoos, and nose rings, and skinny pants and cool cat smiles, what did they think of me, the old beat dude with the guitar slung over my shoulder, with this big shit-eating grin coming over my face as the the organ swells and the shimmering guitars washed over over me. And the girl at the counter had a Mona Lisa smile too.

I kind of felt like I sprouted wings and floated to other lands. And it was all alright. Yes, it was...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sex, Drugs and Big Oil

It's been obvious for a long time, if you put people in government who don't believe in government, you get government that basically works as a feeding trough for big corporations. Welcome to your modern Republican government.

And if the people who are supposed to oversee industry, let's say the people who give out contracts to the oil and gas industry, are from the oil and gas industry, don't you set up a pretty obvious conflict?

It turns out some of our fine government employees ( over at the Interior Department) really were in the bed of Big Oil. And they were partying like they were roadies for Motley Crue or something. Jeez, kind of gives sex and drugs and rock and roll a bad name.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Don't Eat Meat"

Hey, sorry, if you eat meat, I understand. I used to eat meat too. I must confess, I was a meat-eater.

I was brought up in a family where it was steak and potatoes, and burgers and brats and bologna, and fried chicken. Not a day went by without eating meat. Since we were Catholics, we also, for a time, had fish on Fridays. Not exactly sure why. Something to do with Jesus getting hung up on a Friday, and well, that meant we should eat fish. Go figure.

I've been a vegetarian for a long time now. I mean, I was, then I wasn't, and now I am again. It's not that hard to do. And there are a million reasons why it's a good idea. Save the planet, save your arteries, avoid all that death in the meat industry.

It seems we are running out of fish. And our beef industry creates these bloated, unhealthy animals (shooting them up with massive doses of antibiotics) that live really sucky lives, and then we kill them, and eat them and their overall suckiness is passed onto us.

We start to resemble the things we eat. Check out your local hospital sometime to see how good that's working out.

Al Gore's buddy tells us that if the meat-eaters, just one day a week went native, I mean, vegetarian, we could cut down on Global Warming by a whole lot. We cut down all those beautiful rain-forests for the fast food industry. That really sucks!

I don't know, as Madonna once said, "Papa Don't Preach." We hate to hear that guy on the street corner telling us we're going to hell. Do what you want. But you know, there's a world of vegetables just waiting for you. And they don't squeal when you chop them up.

UPDATE: And if you like Tomatoes, check out Melissa's site for all the many ways you can make a Tomato sing!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

“I was so beaten down. They came to me and said did I want to do a TV show. I never wanted to do a TV show. Never.” - Alec Baldwin

Maybe, if we are believers, we share a vision of heaven, but whether we are believers or not, we each carry a picture of own private hell.

Here is Alec Baldwin's:

Embroidering on this thought, Baldwin imagined an actor who signs up for the quick money of a sitcom pilot quite confident that the show will never be commissioned: “The agent’s saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s the biggest piece of shit in the history of show business.’ Cut to six years later: you’re in your dressing room, you’re in season five, and on the wall are posters of you from the New York Shakespeare Festival—these achingly beautiful posters on the wall. By that point, you’re making a hundred and seventy-five thousand a week, you’ve got a house in East Hampton, you’re getting laid constantly, you’ve got closets of beautiful Italian suits, and you’ve got three cars in the garage and you’re paying alimony to your ex-wife who’s living down in Florida. And you’re doing the same jokes, again and again and again.”

Monday, September 08, 2008

Enemies: A Love Story

Ken Vandermark is a saxophone player who lives in Chicago. He recently wrote about Ornette Coleman who visited our fine city as part of Jazz Fest.

Here is Vandermark on Coleman and Democracy:

"Ornette has been able to craft an extremely interactive framework in which to work. As with a Democratic society, this demands that the individual be responsible enough to be fully informed and inquisitive in order to completely participate in the dialogue and decision-making process that's involved."

That's the ideal. One can't help but think our version of Democracy more closely resembles Idiocracy.

Still as Ray Nitsche the great Green Bay Packers middle linebacker once said...no wait, now that I think of it, it wasn't Ray Nitsche, it was that slightly over-wrought dude, Friedrich Nietzsche "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

I remember seeing that quote at the beginning of John Milius "Conan the Barbarian," and hell, if it all worked for Arnold the Terminator, I guess it can work for us too. So let's thank all those idiots for reminding us of what we aren't and don't want to be. I guess we can even thank Bush/Cheney for waking up a lot of people.

And now that I'm at it, I'd like to thank all of my enemies, real and imaginary, who have shown me the way. It's good to find some kind of clarity. The lies keep piling up, but really they are poor weapons. We can vaporize them with the light. And they make us stronger. Yeah, that's right! Except when they kill us, and then, well, then we're dead, and at that point, another journey awaits us. I guess.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out James Howard Kunstler:

"The Party That Wrecked America. It's official now: John McCain and Sarah Palin are up in the latest polls now that the conventions are over. I view this as a positive development. It will give the Obama-Biden campaign incentive to get serious. It would have been a disaster for Obama-Biden to come out of this past week ahead. It might have prompted them to kick back and be complacent.McCain-Palin have nowhere to go now but down, and I will tell you exactly how this will happen. They can run away from President Bush, but they can't run away from the Republican Party.

The Republicans will be regarded from now on as "the party that wrecked America." Over the weeks ahead, as carnage in the economy and the financial markets ramps up, it will become increasingly clear. It is important that this meme be spread through the internet. I urge all commentators who read this blog to adopt and spread the idea that the Republicans are "the party that wrecked America." It will work because it is the truth. Use it freely. Don't bother attributing it to me. Just spread the word. Get the meme going."

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Beauty Needs No Reasons

I haven't really written much about Sigur Ros. But ever since I discovered them back in 2000 or so, I have listened to them probably more than any other band I can think of.

They are strange outfit from Iceland - they use glockenspiels, tympanis, gongs, with lyrics sung in a made up language. They create hauntingly beautiful music. I cannot get on an airplane without my Walkmen and a couple Sigur Ros discs. If I want to go into a deep mediation, sometimes I cheat and play their music. It helps propel me to other worlds.

Lands of beauty and grandeur.

Their music is cinematic. I like to construct my own movies. My films are filled with color - vast landscapes - beyond the human touch.

Still they also have some beautiful videos that they have created too. Here is one of my favorites. Still takes my breath away. And that's a good thing.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Politics Again

On the other hand, it's better to live in the reality instead of the myth, or maybe somehow enlarge our experience to make the reality encompass the myth. I mean, the myth of RFK is one thing, and I do carry that with me, but at the same time, if you read history, Bobby Kennedy was also a ruthless little prick too. Although he was a ruthless, little, liberal prick, and we probably need more like him.

There are politicians who did, and do, the hard slogging. Those are the people I respect. I'm idealistic, but pragmatic too. For every noble lost cause, give me the small wins, the hard-won compromises. These are what make Democracy work. People like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Russ Feingold, Teddy Kennedy, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton. I don't like everything they do. They are part of an elite, but at the same time, they are in the trenches, working in a very divided environment, in a very divided country.

All is not OK in the good, old USA. The American Empire is another dying myth.

I think Barack Obama represents both the myth and the reality. When I hear him speak, I hear the best of what I imagine we could be as a country, a people. The dream dies hard. I can invest him with all my idealistic fervor, but at the same time, I think he's a slogger too. He'll roll up his sleeves and try to make things work better. At least I think so. Maybe I'm reading a lot into the guy, probably am, but hey that's how I'm wired.

The other side loves to push the fear. To pretend we are that old American Empire. If only they could put those gay-loving, tree-hugging, want to fix everything Liberals in a cold cell somewhere. The fear dies hard too. Maybe dies last.

Martin Luther King was gunned down in Memphis, but Nelson Mandela emerged from a jail cell to the run a country. Democracy is an amazing thing too sometimes. And sometimes the good guys win. As Ray Davies put it, "every dog has his day," and maybe sometimes if we're lucky we can kind of string a bunch of those days together...

UPDATE: This one is for The Lovely Carla and Clairvoyant Kris. Yes, one more time for the Underdog. I'm working on blowing this picture, I promise...

Nixon Land

I'm a political junkie. Kind of woke up in years of rage, crushed dreams, and bullets. My political heroes seemed to always crash and burn. As a kid I can remember JFK's funeral. Remember Oswald and Ruby. Wasn't sure what happened, or why, but knew that it was really bad and sad.

Later I was much more aware of RFK - his double-barreled crusade to help the poor and end the war in Vietnam were my touchstones. When he died in a hail of bullets it was like a family member had passed. I can still hear my mother's scream of horror and pain, as we heard on the car radio that Bobby had been killed - she was driving me to school the morning after the California primary. I can hear Robert's voice today, and the tears will well in my eyes. I have always been a political "idealist" which really sets me up for disappointment.

I learned a lot about politics from writers like Norman Mailer, Hunter S. Thompson, Mike Royko. I grew up with Richard (Boss) Daley. I've always been amazed at how the way I see the world is not reflected in other's eyes.

Probably the most influential political personality that helped form my political psyche is Richard Nixon. He was the nemesis, the arch-enemy, the prime example that told me I didn't know anything about politics. Nixon was elected President twice. The second time in a landslide against a really good man, George McGovern.

Rick Perlstein reminds us that really we do live in NIXONLAND. It's a land of culture war, division, resentment. The successful politicians in this land do not bring people together, instead, they conquer and divide. It has worked for years and years. Clinton was an exception, but the man had to pretend he was something he wasn't much of the time. And it kind of caught up to him.

Maybe it will work again. The lies are coming fast and furious. I hope not. It's seems it is always easier to sell cynicism and division as opposed to hope and solidarity. When you buy "hope" you have to invest more of your self in the enterprise. When I think "Republican" I see torture, corruption, lies, deceit, government spying, illegal wars, economic debacle, arrogance, stupidity. I can't imagine someone voting for that party knowing what we know. 8 years of Bush has pretty much discredited everything the Republican party stands for.

But then again I didn't think Nixon, Reagan, Bush I or Bush II could be elected President. Sometimes, I think I know this country - I mean I do know this country, but usually I choose to live in another land.

UPDATE: By the way, this is really good. This is why Obama's first major decision, to pick Joe Biden as his running mate, was an excellent one.

Friday, September 05, 2008

When the Sun Go Down

It's a classic old song. One of the seminal r&r tunes. Chuck Berry duck walks! Keith Richards has been playing those Chuck Berry licks for years and years. It's the theme song of John McCain's campaign. It was written a long time ago - 1958. And I guess it really is appropriate for an old man trying to put an old potion in a new bottle.

Who is he trying to fool?

His mother told him someday you would be a man,
And you would be the leader of a big old band.
Many people coming from miles around
To hear you play your music when the sun go down
Maybe someday your name will be in lights
"Saying Johnny B. Goode tonight!"

Maybe the guy who can lie with a straight face, the guy who can re-write history, the guy with no conscience, has the immediate advantage, but I do believe that the lies will finally fizzle and die in the light of day. Yes, I do!

I recommend this version of that same old song - Chuck B. never played with his teeth!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Zombie Convention

Torture. There was this show on TV last night. On a bunch of channels simultaneously. I was morbidly fascinated - drawn to the spectacle, kind of like a car wreck, I guess.

I could only take it in small doses, I flipped from Clint Eastwood playing Dirty Harry, running around San Francisco kicking the shit out of crazed, bandana-wearing hippies, and this other thing.

And really the two narratives kind of coalesced. There was some grand narrative of fact and fiction and more fiction un-spooling before my naive, in the bubble, un-believing, Liberal Eyes.

Somehow George Romero was controlling the vertical and horizontal. Think - Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Tales from the Darkside, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Creepshow, etc.

Desiccated living corpses, brain-dead zombies stalked the air-waves, zombies with strange names like: Guliani, Thompson, Romney. And following them was the Stepford-like, self-proclaimed, "hot chick." She looked and sounded alive. But in a strangely clueless, 1950's sitcom sort of way.

What a strange show. And the mantra, it was unbelievable, kind sent a shocking chill of incomprehension coursing through my entire Liberal Body, the mantra rose from the teeming masses, the true believers (who are those people?), I almost can't repeat the mantra, but I must, yes, it was spooky, other-worldly, beyond the living and the dead - "DRILL BABY DRILL, DRILL BABY DRILL..."

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Accelerating Questions

Yes, the universe is expanding. And the star-gazers tell us that the expansion is accelerating. Can you feel it? Is the universe coming apart at the seams? Is that why everything seems just little more dire, a little more wack?

And is Brooklyn expanding too? And do we really have to do our homework?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sorry, I can't resist...

Okay, this is priceless...

I mean if it's McCain/Palin in November where do the Lovely Carla and I (and the birds - refugees!) flee to?

I mean, let's go the whole hog! How about Ted Nugent/ Sarah Palin? Evangelical Dream Ticket??

UPDATE: If Sarah Palin wants to wear bikinis, tote high-powered rifles, thump bibles, deny evolution and bury her head in the sand on climate change (she doesn't think humans have anything to do with it), that's fine by me. I mean, hell, you go girl!

She certainly looks better in a bikini than Cheney or Biden would look in a Speedo (Oh dear god, please banish the vision!), so I guess on the beach-wear front, mark one for the GOP.

What this all really confirms for me is that John McCain is freaking off his rocker! Yikes! Maybe all this will be good for additional laughs (Jon Stewart never had it so good). Hope the joke is not on us.

So, as they say, first time TRAGEDY (BUSH/CHENEY) second time FARCE (MCCAIN/PALIN). Any bets on whether Palin bails before November 4?
What is Britney up to these days?

"When you encounter seemingly good advice that contradicts other seemingly good advice, ignore them both." - The Minnesota Joker

We are way behind the times on the Dark Knight.  Finally saw it yesterday.  A hot day in Chicago, nothing like slipping into a cool theater on an early evening outing.  Yes, it's maximum entertainment.  Lots of visceral stuff - explosions, glass breaking, massive body blows, fast-paced editing, major Hollywood movie-making at it's thrill ride best.

Maybe because it has been so over-hyped, it all seemed a little hollow?  And Batman seems to swallow actors and render them invisible - Keaton, Clooney, Bale. Or maybe because this is so much the type of movie I usually avoid, that all the classic elements of the genre are oh so familiar.  Just done so much better. I remember that we saw Batman Begins.  I can't recall one moment from that one.  I wonder how quickly this one will fade away?  Most movies that I really love have some indelible scenes, usually accompanied by a musical counterpoint.  Not here, the memorable sounds - breaking glass!

I do think I will remember Michael Caine playing a butler.  And Gary Oldman (Sid and Nancy) as a Police Commissioner.  Morgan Freeman is always great.  It was good to see Eric Roberts working.  And of course, Heath Ledger.  He gets to play an elemental force - Chaos with a Smile.  Great role, superb job.  What a final impression.  Ledger goes out in style.  Although, it's weird he was just left dangling out the window!  Still all said and done I pretty much agree with everything Who Got the Gravy says about Ledger's performance. 

The Lovely Carla thought Heath was channeling Beetlejuice.  I wracked my brain as the movie unfolded, who does this guy sound like?  This morning I Googled - "Heath Ledger sounds like Al Franken" and found out I wasn't the only one. Now I've got my fingers crossed that this will somehow, improbably help Al in his run for U.S. Senator from Minnesota.  We need another Joker in the Senate.  I'm sure of it!

Monday, September 01, 2008

"And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper...and here ya are, and it's a beautiful day. Well, I just don't understand it." - Marge G.

Hey, I heard that John McCain selected Marge Gunderson as his VEEP.  Boy I hope it works out for him.  She did a such bang-up job in "Fargo."

UPDATE:  Here's the Daily Show's report. According to Samantha Bee, it's all about the "love pita!"

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