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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"When you encounter seemingly good advice that contradicts other seemingly good advice, ignore them both." - The Minnesota Joker

We are way behind the times on the Dark Knight.  Finally saw it yesterday.  A hot day in Chicago, nothing like slipping into a cool theater on an early evening outing.  Yes, it's maximum entertainment.  Lots of visceral stuff - explosions, glass breaking, massive body blows, fast-paced editing, major Hollywood movie-making at it's thrill ride best.

Maybe because it has been so over-hyped, it all seemed a little hollow?  And Batman seems to swallow actors and render them invisible - Keaton, Clooney, Bale. Or maybe because this is so much the type of movie I usually avoid, that all the classic elements of the genre are oh so familiar.  Just done so much better. I remember that we saw Batman Begins.  I can't recall one moment from that one.  I wonder how quickly this one will fade away?  Most movies that I really love have some indelible scenes, usually accompanied by a musical counterpoint.  Not here, the memorable sounds - breaking glass!

I do think I will remember Michael Caine playing a butler.  And Gary Oldman (Sid and Nancy) as a Police Commissioner.  Morgan Freeman is always great.  It was good to see Eric Roberts working.  And of course, Heath Ledger.  He gets to play an elemental force - Chaos with a Smile.  Great role, superb job.  What a final impression.  Ledger goes out in style.  Although, it's weird he was just left dangling out the window!  Still all said and done I pretty much agree with everything Who Got the Gravy says about Ledger's performance. 

The Lovely Carla thought Heath was channeling Beetlejuice.  I wracked my brain as the movie unfolded, who does this guy sound like?  This morning I Googled - "Heath Ledger sounds like Al Franken" and found out I wasn't the only one. Now I've got my fingers crossed that this will somehow, improbably help Al in his run for U.S. Senator from Minnesota.  We need another Joker in the Senate.  I'm sure of it!

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