Election 2020

Election 2020
Gaseous Little Baby Man Dirigible Implodes!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


That's the problem with my visionary states.  I'm always a little confused by my own visions.  Or,  I guess I'm not confused by the visions, but I'm uncertain what to do with them.  I'm entertained and amused by them, but then, what are the next steps? WTF do I do?

Do I step off the cliff? Do I hitch a ride on the next cloud?

And about these voices that "come to me." I don't think I'm insane. Or no more insane than the next guy, who frankly, is probably pretty damn insane, so, I guess, I'm basically as insane as the next guy, so yes, I'm probably at least that insane, I mean, kind of a little bit.

But it's not the drooling kind.

So this latest missive (see previous post) from the mists, "Deepen Your Heart."  How to do it? I'm game.  I get the sense that the deepening just happens.  And maybe it's just that I must pay attention.  Acknowledge the deepening.  Go with it.

So yes, okay. I get it. I got it. Deepen.

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