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Election 2020
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keeping the Faith

Yes, well, the year is winding down, or winding up, or petering out, or slipping away.  Whatever.  I know it's all kind of an arbitrary thing we do, keeping track of the years.  Hard to believe we are in the last throes of 2011.

And a new year is peeking at us from around the corner.  Tonight we will probably celebrate with some of our favorite films and a cold bottle of Sake.  The films?  Not sure but I'm thinking maybe "Boogie Nights," (the ultimate family film), "24 Hour Party People" (Steve Coogan's brilliant portrayal of Tony Wilson completely embodies the transformative power of idealism in the face of the inertia and boredom), and "Jackie Brown" (Quentin Tarantino's cool and funky tribute to Foxy Brown).

There is a phrase ringing in my head this morning, spoken by a good friend regarding a creative project we've all been involved in, and the phrase is: "restored my faith..."

"Keeping the faith" is my motto for the new year.  Faith in what?  The creative process, creative ambition, the transformative power of the creative arts, the power of collaboration, the inspiring process of getting a group of people working together to create something bigger than themselves.

It's sort of like having faith in something invisible, having faith in a cloud, or a whisper of a ghost of a mirage.  Or... something.

Anyway, keep it.

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