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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moments Zipping By

Time speeds up and slows down.  I think it's true.  The physicists tell us time bends; that it's a flexible dimension.

And we experience that flexibility too.  Time will drag, or zip by in a flash.  Sometimes meditating messes with time, it seems to to slow it down and speed it up simultaneously.

We are born into this time-realm.  And the tempo of life seems to speed up as you get older.  As Charles Bukowski once put it:  "Days run away like wild horses over the hills."

When you were smaller, and your head was softer, the days could slow down and spread out like a welcoming bed of flowers.

Now that you are bigger, and your head is harder, the days speed up like a careening car out of control.  Everything is blur and flash.  And you hang on, and try to savor the moments as they zip by.

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