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Thursday, December 29, 2011

We will be there...

I walked through the neighborhood and put up posters for an upcoming show.  It's nitty-gritty street-level work.  I have my usual places:  record store, favorite Thai restaurant, very cool hair salon, my home-base coffee-shop.  The poster looks good.  Big and colorful and very "art-full."  And it's the debut of our whitewolfsonicprincess character.

We are trying to "brand the band" as this one thing.   

It seems like the good work; promoting a show.  Still, you wonder if it does any good? How many people will actually see the poster?  How many will actually come to a show?  It sort of seems like putting a message in a bottle and tossing it in the ocean.  It's kind of Don Quixote-ish.  Seems I'm always out there hanging with the windmills.  

But it's also a way of drawing a mark in the sand and saying: "We were here!"  And we will be there! 


  1. Thanks for placing the songs up top. Poison Cloud is great stuff!

    See ya at the Tpaths tonight.

  2. You are here! I know, because I have heard it! Keep on writing. Songs and blogs!


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