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Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Divided Heart of the Matter

Yes, as the wise ones tell us, life is a gift.  And sometimes that gift is exactly what you wanted.  And sometimes it's not.  Sometimes it's like a really loud tie (Does anyone really wear ties anymore; I mean, without irony?) that you will put in the closet.  Or that you will re-gift!

But it's bad form to complain about the gifts you receive.  You just smile and accept them, right?  Or you rage.  Rage away about the gifts you receive, and those you don't.

How about both strategies?  Smile and accept, and Rage away too?  Be humble and be demanding at the same time.  Yeah, maybe that starts to get closer to the heart of the matter?

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  1. What kind of tie were you given, this horrible abomination of a tie?


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