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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Spooks Against the President!

The Spooks against the President. Foreign and Domestic Spooks. That's the battle going on right now. Looks like the Spooks have the goods on the President. 

What are the goods? The President has been doing dark, nefarious things with the Russians. Passing $ and bodily fluids. And, oh yeah, there's hacking, emails, and disinformation.

The President's Party is trying hard, oh so hard, to look the other way. It is a pretty amazing act of mass denial. 

How does all this end? Don't really know. But the stakes are high. The fate of our Democracy hangs in the balance.

The Free Press is the conduit. The Spooks feed info to the mass media beast, and then we all watch the fireworks. Seems like there is much more to come. Will we find out the truth? Every last juicy bit of truth? 

I have no idea. But it is all quite entertaining, baffling, and unbelievable. Not Fake News. The story. The dark, nefarious, subterranean story unfolding, unraveling right before our eyes.

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