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Monday, February 27, 2017

We Are Storms Within the Storm!

I don't want to claim any special Super-Powers...

But my friend and I spend lots of time "healing" other beings. Really. It's just something we've done over the years. For many, many years, we didn't even know, or notice we were doing it. Lately though, it's become more and more apparent. 

Folks actually come up to us, and look for an encouraging word, a hug, a smile, a positive gesture. Some people just want to be in the shining light, the positive glow around us. 

I specialize in the healing the non-human beings amongst us (see previous post). I spend lots of time with little critters: old, crippled, lonely, needy. I often spend my time making their time on the planet a little less harsh.

My friend is an extraordinary healer. Her healing powers extend to all human and non-human forms. She is much more powerful, way more accessible than I. She attracts human beings from all walks of life. They come to her, they seek her out. They often end up crying on her shoulder, or seeking a hug, a smile, an encouraging word.

Of course, we are not totally healed beings ourselves. Not so good at healing each other either. We are too close to each other. Too tangled up. We both have hurricanes and tornados in our hearts, our heads. We are not the calm in the storm. We are storms within the storm.

But we do seem to have something others seek. For sure. It's odd. Weird. Strange. Interesting. We are Healers. That just seems to be a simple truth. A reality we live with. It would be great if we could "monetize" this ability, or somehow make it our life's work, but it's just a thing we have, a thing we do, an ability that comes unbidden, unbridled, a gift that only arises when another being seeks the gift.

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