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Thursday, February 09, 2017

"Shop wisely, Grasshopper!"

The Third-Rate Circus Clown, and his wife, and his daughter and sons may think that the Presidency is just a great branding opportunity, a way to make $, and swim in a vast sea we should or should not call "Conflicts of Interest," but the American Consumer does not have to play along.

We vote with our votes. And we vote with our $. So yes, boycotting certain companies because they support the new regime is a good idea. Supporting companies who speak up against retrograde actions should be applauded and encouraged and supported with our $. More than 100 companies, some of the most important and successful companies in America (for instance), are loudly and proudly declaring they do not support the Third-Rate Circus Clown's "Travel Ban."

And yes, we as smart consumers can crush the brand! Refuse to stay at those brand hotels - they are garish, over-built monstrosities. Don't buy the steaks, don't attend the University (oh never mind, I think that idea got sued out of existence). Don't support or further the fraud!

Yes, even at the Great Altar of Consumerism, the Super Bowl, companies unveiled pretty strong "political" commercials, pointing out the strength of multiculturalism, immigration, and inclusion. Everything is political now. There is no safe place of neutrality. We all must choose sides. And those who choose not to choose are choosing too.

These are extraordinary times. Seems we are wrestling with foundational truths and meanings. What is America? Who is American? What is right and good and true? We all have to answer the bell. Now. Vote. Participate. Spend your $ judiciously. Strategically. Shop wisely, Grasshopper!

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