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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maximally Juiced Political Scandal: A Russian Mole in the White House!

A Russian Mole in the White House. A tight cabal colluding with Russian Intelligence to upturn an election and install a Russian Dupe in the office of the Presidency.

That is the story that has been floating before our eyes for the last year or so. We see it in plain sight, but it's sort of like an unlikely mirage. We doubt our eyes. We doubt the narrative. We ask ourselves, "Can it really be true?"

Josh Marshall grapples with the question. He can't quite make the leap that Moby takes (see previous post). Moby (yes, Moby!), is ahead of the curve. But Josh is heading in the same direction.

I, of course, have also made the leap with Moby. Sure. The 3rd Rate Circus Clown is a Russian Dupe. And Flynn was a Russian Mole placed right at the heart of the new administration. No doubt. 

And some of this has been obvious all along. So obvious, it's kind of been the invisible fact.

The NYTimes has the bombshell report this morning: "Trump Campaign Had Repeated Contacts with Russian Intelligence."  This story is unraveling. Turbo-speed. Fascinating.

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones spells it out for us: "Just to make this clear: At the same time that Russian intelligence was hacking various email accounts in order to sabotage Hillary Clinton, multiple members of the Trump team had repeated phone calls with senior Russian intelligence officials. And during this entire time, Trump himself was endorsing a foreign policy that appeared almost as if it had been dictated to him by Vladimir Putin."

Think: Watergate on Steroids. Which kind of makes sense, right? The Russians are famous for their expert doping. So this is a Maximally Juiced Political Scandal!

And really this kind of political disaster, maximal debacle could not happen to a more deserving human being. Karma! The 3rd Rate Circus Clown has asked for it. Practically demanded it. He is so full of himself, so full of shit, and now he faces a major shit-storm of his own doing.

You could not come up with a better screenplay. Although, most folks would probably tell you it sort of stretches the plausibility factor. But sometimes the truth looks implausible. Funny. That.

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