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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Third-Rate Circus Clown = Paper Tiger!

Yes. Funny. After one phone call it seems that the Chinese leadership has already decided that our Third-Rate Circus Clown is really just a "Paper Tiger" -   One that is outwardly powerful or dangerous but inwardly weak or ineffectual.

The Bully is actually a big, blubbering coward. All talk, big words, lots of noise, signifying nothing. Some of us have known this for a long time. Some of us (most of the GOP for instance), have been "hornswoggled"  - see also bamboozle, beguile, bluff, buffalo, burn, catch, con, cozen, delude, dupe, fake out, fool, gaff, gammon, gull, have, have on[chiefly British], hoax, hoodwink, deceive, humbug, juggle, misguide, misinform, mislead, snooker, snow, spoof, string along, sucker, suck in, take in, trick.

And don't forget: kid, put on, tease; bleed, cheat, chisel, defraud, diddle, euchre, flam, fleece, gyp, hustle, mulct, rook, shortchange, skin, squeeze, stick, sting, swindle.

One phone call. Those Chinese are no dummies. The Emperor is no Emperor. Naked as a Jaybird!

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