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Monday, February 06, 2017

A Global Laughingstock!

This little story from Alexander Solzhenitsyn from The Gulag Archipelago reminds us that in Stalin's era, you never wanted to be the first one to stop applauding!

This is not Russia. Trump is not Stalin, not even Putin (even if he really, really wants to be). We can all stop applauding. And fight to be the first to stop. And we can laugh. Yes, laugh, and be happy and proud to be the first to laugh at this ridiculous example of a man.

This Third-Rate Circus Clown, really doesn't rate at all. Put him on the bottom of the list. He and his administration, after 2 weeks, is already a global laughingstock. What a ridiculous, incompetent, and grossly malevolent crew. The bottom of the bottom of the barrel.

At least, the comedy is gonna be good. A new golden age for comedians of all kinds. Melissa McCarthy should win an Emmy, an Oscar and the Nobel Prize for Funny for her spot-on portrayal of the new press secretary, Sean Spicer.  Hil...ar...i...ous...

And Alec Baldwin should get extra pay for having to play Trump. It's a dirty, stinking, terribly funny job. But some one has to do it. Thank you Alec. Your nation is deeply indebted to your commitment to maximum ridicule.  Highly, highly appreciated.

The Third-rate Circus Clown lives in his own reality bubble. He thinks he is some well-respected, honorable, important man. He isn't.  He is a clown. A complete clown.  A very, not funny clown.

Ha, ha, ha! Here is to the deep and healing, and oh so necessary belly laughs at the not so funny Third-Rate Circus Clown's expense!

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