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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Unmoored From Reality!

"The man is a Fraud." - Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, speaking about you know who.

You can see him alone, at night, in his bathrobe, wandering the White House, "tweeting" into his smartphone. Snacking on a no-longer warm cheeseburger & a few limp, greasy, french fries. Angry, aggrieved, unhappy. So misunderstood. Unhealthy. He wants to build walls. Keep people out. Put folks in their place. Show them what's what. Beat down his enemies. Have everyone applaud and love him for being such a big, strong, powerful man. He craves love and respect. 

The man is a fraud.  He is "unmoored from reality." Unmoored from truth. He lives in a world of falsehood. He constructs an alternate reality in real time. Tosses out words, ideas, and then leaves them writhing in the dust. Truth or lie? Doesn't matter. What is in his best interest? What gives him the advantage? What keeps his enemies off balance?

As Barack Obama once remarked, "Reality has a way of catching up to you." Washington D.C. is in a frenzy. The city has never seen anything quite like it. A serial liar, with a team of serial liars, all lying to cover for the big guy. They are spending lots of time, wasting the country's time, lying, spinning, just plain making shit up!

These are not healthy people. Check them out. A team of very unhealthy looking folks: Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon. And of course, the big, lumbering Third Rate Circus Clown himself. Not well. Unsound. And if you spend so much time spewing lies, does it corrode your soul? Do your insides rot? Do you die a little bit every time a lie escapes from your lips?

The man, his team, they are out of step. Not with the program. Actually "un-American." They are not the true Americans. Their version of the country sort of looks like it's modeled after failed states like North Korea, or Russia - corrupt, insular, mad places barricaded from free thought & free movement.

There is something funny about this show. The funniest show on earth. But there is something sinister and unhealthy too. Mad. 

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