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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Amazing Bird-Reviver!

Remember when I wrote about our little Zebra Finch, the one who  bumped his head, or got a virus, or stroked out, or whatever...? He couldn't hold his head up, he only walked in circles and backwards? He looked like a goner.

Well, surprise, surprise, he had a miraculous recovery. We put him in isolation, a little cage next to the big cage of Finches, and then, every morning, noon & night I would scoop the little birdie up and feed him water from an eye-dropper. We also put a fresh millet stick in the bottom of the cage every morning. So even though he could barely get around, he got plenty of food & water.

Over a 4 week period, we could see he was slowly getting stronger. Without a helping hand, he would have been toast, but we were determined to keep this little dude alive and kicking. Maybe the daily hand coming to snatch him served as some kind of exercise routine? He got harder and harder to catch as he recovered. Finally he could hold his head up. He could walk, he could fly.

All thru the process his "little buddy" in the big cage sat next to him, chittering and chattering at him. We must thank the "little buddy" for all the hope and encouragement.  They have been reunited and all seems well in Bird-Land.

We gave our little backwards dude a new name. Beckett didn't seem right anymore. He escaped his fate... so now, we call him Lazarus. I won't dare to think of myself as Jesus... but how about The Amazing Bird-Reviver! 

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