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Friday, February 03, 2017

Manufacturing Problems by the Day!

Extraordinarily weird times. You awake wondering if the "Third-Rate Circus Clown" has started a war with Mexico or Australia yet. Seems the guy in office at the moment isn't in the business of finding solutions to problems, no, he is out to create, and then, multiply problems where there were no problems.  Sowing Chaos! You thought manufacturing was down in America? No! Manufacturing Problems by the Day! 

The Joker Rules.

So where do we turn? To like-minded folks gathering in opposition. Even Smokey the Bear seems to have gotten the idea that this is not normal. All Sentient Beings Unite!

Let's turn to the law. The Rule of Law. Maybe there is hope to be found there?  Eric Schneiderman (Will This Man Take Down Trump?), Attorney General of New York State, the nation's lonely eyes turn to you:

“We are facing a crisis, not over conservative or liberal, but a crisis over whether or not the rule of law is respected or not, over whether the Constitution is respected or not, and whether the central American notion of equal justice under the law and that everyone be treated with dignity and equality and fairness—all that is at issue now... There is good news, too, those who were asleep, are now awake.” - E.S. AG

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