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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

British & U.S. Intelligence: Mr. Big Little Baby-Man May have Some Serious Kinks, and Mr. Putin May Have Video!

Okay. So I guess we have been waiting for the "other shoe to drop" on Trump. BuzzFeed News has just dropped a big ole shoe: "Reports Allege Trump Deep Ties to Russia!"  These reports come from British Intelligence.

Trump took to Twitter to furiously deny everything, but I guess, based on our past experience with the serial lying Mr. Little Baby-Man, his furious denials probably means is there is something to the reports. Where there is smoke there is fire!

And Kevin Drum tells us that U.S. Intelligence believes "Evidence of Trump-Russia Ties Might Be Credible." So yes, okay, but where is the meat in this sandwich? Is it all bread, and no baloney?

No, indeed there is some credible baloney appended to the reports. Supposedly Mr. Putin has some "compromising material" on Mr. Little Baby-Man, and it seems Mr. Little Baby-Man may have some serious kinks. Does Putin have any of this on video-tape?  Enquiring Minds want to know. 

You may ask "What kind of kinks?" Word is: "Personal perversion!" "Golden Showers!" "Sex Parties!"

If a hostile foreign government can black-mail our President-Elect, can he really be sworn in on January 20? What are the odds against? I'm thinking there is a good chance suddenly Mr. Little Big Baby-Man decides he needs to step down to spend more time with his family!

Yes, we have entered Weirds-ville. Getting weirder by the moment!

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