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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Soviet-Era Shit-Show. This was Not a Well-Attended Inauguration.

It's funny. The stone has been lifted from my shoulders. The pennies have been snatched from my eyes. The dark gloom has vanished...

As soon as the Little Baby-Man was sworn in, my mood changed. I realized that all the dark energy of his campaign, all the lies, all the insults, all the bad feelings, all the bad blood, all the dark rabble-rousing is now all on him!

Strange how that works. The man now is in a position of power, a position of responsibility. All eyes are on him. Every decision he makes will be under a microscope.

And he is not a popular man.

He is opposed from all corners. He garners no respect. And the people against him do not fear him! He is not Putin. This is not Russia. We are a well-organized populace. We have a constitution, a court system, the rule of law, a mature democracy, a free press, and a rich history of political activism.

Little Baby Man is a stupid man, one who will most likely do stupid things. 

But the people won't support him. We won't just go along. We will stand up. We will oppose. We will resist. We will raise our voices. And the other elected people in government will realize that backing the Little Baby Man is a losing proposition.

They will jump ship. Throw him under the bus.

My lovely companion and I went to the Anti-Inauguration Rally on Friday night. We stood around with a crowd of people across from Little Baby-Man's Chicago Hotel. There was a marching band playing Darth Vader's theme music, there was a little black pig dressed in a sweater, there were lots of cool & funny signs, and people. Lots of people. Some of them were professional protesters who probably protest everything - the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, Lyndon LaRouche weirdos, Anarchists, Nihilists -  and some of them were like us, folks who can not accept Little Baby Man as a legitimate President.

The next day my lovely companion went to the Women's March, which she tells me was an amazing, exciting, enriching, over-flowing outpouring of folks throughout the streets of downtown Chicago. I read this lovely sentence this morning: "Yesterday we saw the largest protests in American history." So much energy. So much good feeling. A sleeping giant has awoken. And every one of them stands in opposition to the new regime.

This is Democracy at it's best. How to channel that energy? I don't rightly know. But it is a true force for good. And the folks who marched are the ones who represent America as it is today. A true coalition. We the people. Not Little Baby-Man! 

Sean Spicer, Little Baby Man's new Press Secretary had a "crowd size presser" yesterday. It did not go well. He took no questions. He was seething with anger over press reports that Little Baby Man's inauguration was not well-attended. And Spicer lied. Repeatedly. It was like a Soviet-Era kind of shadow shit-show. I don't think the press was impressed or will be humbled, silenced or scared.

Spicer actually had the balls to say this: "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration. Period. Both in person and around the globe."

Hah! Don't believe your lying eyes! Every day we must do our best to see the truth, refuse to live with the lie, search out the facts, refuse to believe what Little Baby-Man or his henchmen tell us. They are pathological liars. Their first instinct is to lie, brazenly... this was not a well-attended Inauguration!

This little experiment is already going up in smoke. Karma is a bitch!

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