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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Every one I know is pretty much freaking out..."

Every one I know is pretty much freaking out. Funny. Seems they are freaking out more than I am! Which has surprised me. If you read my posts over the last few months, you might think this new political era dawning has been an all-consuming obsession with me, and in one sense it's true, it is very much "top of mind," every day.

At the same time, I am spending lots of time writing songs, rehearsing with our band, recording music, playing shows, listening to music, doing the daily chores, sinking into good books, watching movies, and long-form cable series. I have become an avid Netflix user. I am filling my life up with my passionate diversions: life, music, love and creativity. 

But every time we go out and meet other people, it's clear that folks from all walks of life think that their America has taken a dark, terrible turn. Some are fretting, and some are almost resigned to a new darkly sad, politically-scary existence.

Maybe that's what's freaking me out about the people we meet who are freaking out. Folks we know are sort of accepting the new way, and acting as if we are all helpless, and "there's nothing we can do." And I am also realizing that I don't just live in a little progressive, liberal bubble - a good portion of the country is appalled and outraged, and befuddled that the Big Little Baby Man, Mr. Con Man will be taking the oath of office in a matter of days.

I suppose I am a bit more optimistic that this won't last. I am more defiant. I know that this is not normal. And quoting Jeff Bridges "The Dude" who was quoting GH Bush "This will not stand." 

Little Baby Man will be entering office with the lowest approval ratings in modern times. He has major ethical conflicts of interest, he is personally morally repugnant, has no idea what he doesn't know, doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything except his own ego and vanity, he has true legitimate enemies in Washington D.C. in Hollywood, New York, in the capitols of all our major allies around the world, all their intelligence services AND it looks like he has been compromised and is being manipulated by a hostile foreign power.

These are not ingredients for a good and long Presidency. I think the Fat Man is going down. Soon. In an early round. So my freak-out is leavened with healthy dose of the anticipated karma pay-back soon to come down!

Of course, I was one of those who never thought the man had a snowball's chance in hell of "winning" the job (always remember he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes), so I suppose I could be wrong. But everything I know tells me this man is a walking, talking disaster, and he is one wrong step from catastrophe, disaster and a swift and true justice. For sure!

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