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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Yes, We Have Entered Weirds-Ville!

Yes, one of the over-arching themes around here lately is that we have entered some kind of "Weirds-Ville." The whole election cycle was strange, odd, anti-democratic, debilitating, dehumanizing, and unappealing.

And the result was less than edifying. To say the least.

And it seems our political polarization & dysfunction are an existential threat to our Democracy.  I am sure Karl Marx has a theory for it all. Don't have the time to search for it. Probably something to do with the Decline of the West, late-stage Capitalism, and blindness and laziness of the Human Herd. Okay yeah, right. But we do have Cheeseburgers and Beyonce!

I am truly baffled and troubled by Trump's strange new alliance with Putin/Russia/Wikileaks/Julian Assange.   I wonder is Trump such a slave to his own needy Ego that he just can't stomach the idea that Russia may have helped him get elected, and in that way delegitimized his Presidency at the same time?

You'd think he could take the ego-hit and move on. It's just "weirds-ville" when the President-Elect basically goes to battle with the current sitting President, the CIA, the FBI over the Russian hacking story.

So that leads me to think there is a deeper truth buried in all of this, and I wonder, what is Trump's worry? What is he hiding? Is he really just a cringing little Baby-Man? Does he really only want to hear flattering things about himself? Will he always fly off the handle if he hears something he doesn't want to hear? 

Does the man have any clue how all of this looks to the bigger world? Does he care? I am left with the theory that Putin has dirty pictures, or videos of Trump. Or there is a trail of dirty money from Russian Oligarchs or Mobsters that leads right to Trump Tower.

And if any of this is true, does Trump really think he can bluff his way through it all? I do think there is a monster story/scandal brewing under the surface, and I wonder how long it will take to unravel and roll out... yes, we have entered Weirds-Ville...

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