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Friday, January 06, 2017

"No to the Tin-Pot Despot!"

When the Tin-pot, Despot comes to town, well, you have to speak up, right?! I suppose it's the least a thinking, feeling, engaged, politically & culturally aware person can do. 

There is no room for cowardice. 

Things have taken a terrible turn. And silence is not an option. So yes, I am all for Democrats logging a formal challenge to Trump's Electoral College Victory. 

There is nothing wrong with raising the challenge. Even if they and you (and I), know that it is "symbolic" or unlikely to succeed. 

It turns out usually the greatest causes are the ones unlikely to succeed. There is nothing wrong with speaking the truth, and failing. It happens all the time. As they say, "When they go low, we go high." Even if that means we lose some of the time.

Anyway, suddenly Rep. Ed Perlmutter is now my new political hero, here is his statement:

"This is not about trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming President," he said. "This is about the fact that our liberty, freedom and democracy were compromised by Russia’s intrusion into America’s election. We cannot allow a foreign nation to ever influence our elections because it harms our liberty, freedom and independence. This is bigger than just one election, and for the sake of our democracy, we must remain vigilant."

Amen, brother. Although, in my humble opinion, stopping the Little Baby-Man from becoming President would be just the ticket. A collateral win. Just saying...

BTW - "Senior government officials" in Russia celebrated when Trump won the election... something smells really, really rotten  here, fishy, like a complete rotted fish carcass left too long in the midday sun... phew!

I say, "No to the Tin-Pot Despot!"

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