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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A Sick, Twisted, Solitaire!

Okay. Something clicked for me yesterday. You know how you're at a party, and it's really out of control, vodka is flowing, people are smoking, chitter-chattering, the music is loud, and someone has started a poker game in the kitchen? You're high, woozy, and everything seems a bit out of focus.

And you decide to sit down to play. And the guy running the poker game declares that for this round there are multiple Jokers in the deck, and 2's, 5's and 7's are wild, and the nickels are now dimes, dimes are quarters, and one dollar bills are fives.

And that Dude starts to deal and chatter and squawk as he tosses cards on the table. And your head is spinning, and it's sort of hard to follow along, and you think maybe the Dealer is insane. That's the new Washington D.C. 

A place where Democrats despise the man who will be running the game, and Republicans are actually afraid of the guy. They will do anything to stay in his favor. Oh, there are a few Republicans who think they can play along, use the guy for their own purposes, but really this guy is playing a game for one. All for one. Everyone thinks they're playing some kind of mad Poker. But really it's a sick, twisted game of Solitaire.

You know this guy, the new dealer in town, is just like this guy... except, without the charisma, the fashion sense, the humor and the malevolent genius...

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