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Sunday, January 08, 2017

That, in the end, is always the killer...

Karma. "Ethical consequences." And the "nature of a person's next existence."

Right. So Benjamin Netanyahu has been riding high in Israel for quite a while. Allowing/encouraging the building of settlements in the Occupied Territories. Seemingly putting off a peaceful solution with the Palestinians to another time and place in a galaxy far away. Treating Obama and Kerry with total disdain. Seems like the karma-train is loaded and ready to roll.

Is his next existence coming now?

Sounds like a major corruption scandal is brewing for Mr. High-Flying Guy. You wonder if finally everything is gonna crash down around him? This sounds pretty serious: "a series of tapes in which the prime minister’s own voice is heard."

That, in the end, is always the killer, "the harder they come, the harder they fall... one and all..."

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