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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Barack Hussein Obama - A Balm for Our Weary, Battered Psyches and Souls...

Let's take a short break from Big Little Baby-Man and "cloud cuckoo land." I don't really understand what's happening. It's all getting curiouser and curiouser. Something very weird & disturbing is unfolding. Something terrible has happened, and someone terrible has been elevated before us, a man unworthy & unsavory, a disgrace, an abomination, a walking car crash. 

In the meantime, I'd like to turn to Barack Hussein Obama. If you haven't done so already, please watch his farewell address: 51 minutes, 25 seconds of goodness. It will soothe your weary, battered psyche & soul. 

What to say about this man? I do love him. I love who is, what he represents, the way he acts and presents himself to the world. To me he truly embodies the best of America. A mix of White & Black. A true "boundary-crosser." I think of other world-shaking boundary-crossers like him and can only come up with the mind-blowing and unlikely musical hybrids -  Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix - unique Human cocktails.

Obama's own personal history is so unique, he can not be put in a simple category. His Political Enemies couldn't really take on the man, they needed to invent another character all together; they tried to paint him as a radical, Kenyan, Socialist, not American-Made, a secret Muslim & Liberal out to destroy the U.S.

So absurd.

Obama has never played the partisan politics game. Maybe sometimes to his detriment. He always "went high, when they went low." Which means some times you do the right thing and lose. But Obama is always playing "the long game," and you can see he believes that reason, truth, honesty, virtue & hard work will pay off in the long run and move us forward.

So inspiring. So powerful. A truly beautiful man. I think of words and phrases to describe him: classy, eloquent, inspiring, brilliant, compassionate, honest, full of grace, hard-working, forgiving, positive, radiant, illuminating, enlightened, soulful, funny, American, the best of us, one of our better angels, a man, a good man, a really, really good man. 

I am, we are all, lucky to have seen and heard this man in real-time. I wish him the best. We need him.

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