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Friday, January 27, 2017

Those Who Resist, the Resistance - The Yossarians!

Is crazy a virus? Crazy - "one who is or acts crazy; especially : such a one associated with a radical or extremist political cause." 

The French coined the term "la folie a deux " - the madness of two, a shared psychosis. And, a group of psychiatrists claim that schizophrenia is the "insanity virus" that lives entwined in every person's DNA.

Can religious fundamentalists, political extremists, terrorists of all kinds, for instance, be examples of a "crazy virus" passing from one person to another? Can a mainstream political party become infected? Could half of a nation? Could a whole nation? A whole continent?

Does it start with one charismatic, fully-infected person? Can that person spread the crazy not only by physical contact, but by visual cues, and strings of verbal nonsense? Can the crazy be passed from one man's lips to millions of ears?

Can teeming masses of seemingly well-educated, intelligent people easily succumb to the crazy? Look to history, especially look to some of the highlights from last century. And look at your TV and newspapers today.

Those who resist, those who are resistant to the crazy, those we will call the Yossarians...

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