Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Whatever Happened to Reading Comprehension?

The Sphinx speaks... 

What was the gist? READ THE FUCKING REPORT! 

If you have any working brain cells, if you have any reading comprehension skills, you will discover what we know about Russia interfering in the 2016 election, how they hacked the DNC, and weaponized info to the detriment of Hilary Clinton's campaign and to the benefit of Trump's campaign. It is the definitive account.

Mueller did not charge any Americans in the "conspiracy" but you will read how Trump's campaign did everything they could to benefit from the Russian hack. No one person on his team ever thought to notify the FBI that the Russians were infiltrating the campaign. Damning. And to be continued. Roger Stone and Wikileaks figure in all of this, more to come, soon.

You will also understand that the man in the oval office is supremely unqualified to be there.  Part two of the report documents 10 instances of obstruction of justice. Mueller tells us that the only reason they didn't indict the President is because they were following regulations that told them it was not possible to do so as per the regulations. The report did point out that a President could be charged for obstruction once he left office. Anyone saying anything different in public is totally, fucking, lying. Especially be sure the tune out the fat, blabbering, jabbering man claiming "no obstruction, no collusion." He's delusional. Actually whatever he says, assume the opposite is true. I mean, to put it plainly, the slobbery man is lying his ass off!

Tune out the lies. Read the fucking report!

You wonder do any of your fellow citizens read anymore? Is it all just tapping away on their smart phones like distracted monkeys? Not comprehending a damn thing? Read the Mueller report. It is the roadmap to Impeachment.

Let it come down!

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