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Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Art of Living...

The Art of Living...

We are all artists, whether we know it or not. Living is an an art. Not a job, not a business, not science, not logical, not a straight-line narrative.

Living is like a cloud. A wave. A mist. A fog. It's not easy to understand. It's not easy to grasp. Being alive. We think: It's kind of a good thing in itself. As they say, "better than the alternative."

Although, even that is probably off target. We don't know life. We don't know death. We don't know.
We practice the art of living. Some of us do it consciously, some of us do it unconsciously.

We are all left to wonder. How do we fashion ourselves. What's it really all about?

The questioning is another part of the process. Asking questions with no clear answers. Carrying on. Anyway. That's the art of living.

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