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Friday, May 17, 2019

I am Not a Grade A Worrier!

I am not a Grade A Worrier. I know because I live with one. If I have a worry on my mind, and I mention it to my friend, well, I am quickly shown to be an amateur, my paltry little worries are nothing compared to what's going on in my friend's head. Some folks are just really, really good at worrying. I'm a piker.

So despite my recent posts, I am not usually the worrying kind. I mean, yes, I am worried that the human population on the planet is unsustainable, that there are way too many of us, and I have no idea how we will deal with that, and, of course, it's obvious that we are hurtling towards some kind of climate apocalypse, we will burn up every last drop of oil in the ground,  burn up every last chunk of coal, and continue to poison the atmosphere with carbon dioxide leading to a massive altering of our habitable ecosystem. Think: food scarcity, mass migration, flooding, mega-storms, extreme hot, extreme cold, dead oceans, massive species extinction, etc. Seems inevitable. And what about War? Are we going to blunder into another insane conflict? I have absolutely no faith in the leaders of the world making rational decisions for the rest of us. Sometimes my fellow humans really, really disappoint. I mean we can be so appalling, so unspeakably horrifying.

Shite, I am just one little human being, what can I do to make life better for my species? Big worries loom over all of us. How will we make it thru the day? We all have to live the best we can.

I park those big old worries over to the side, and decide to carry on. I think: What I'm going to have for lunch? Or, What am I gonna wear today? Is it hot outside? Is it cold outside? How am I gonna fill up my day? 

How can I the best person I can be? How do I live a good life? Am I doing what I'm "supposed" to be doing? Who do I ask? Little questions. Little worries. Add them to the list. But you know, I'm just not a Grade A Worrier! I promise, I'm not!

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