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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Venture Forth Into the Murky Mist!

"What can go wrong?" 

That's one of those really stupid questions. It's the kind of question you might ask when you are just about to embark on a new adventure, or start a new project, or engage with someone or something you have never engaged with before.

Why is it a stupid question? Because, of course, Dear Grasshopper, the answer to the question is plain as day, I mean, it may as well be tattooed on your forehead, or written in ink on your left hand.

What can wrong? Everything can go wrong! 

Everything! Every Last Thing! That is something you learn over time. There is a saying in the Theater world, you don't really know your show until everything goes wrong at least once. You don't really know anything at all until all the things that can go wrong, do go wrong. You might call that experience. 

Should this prevent you from new adventures? From trying new things? From starting new projects? Meeting new people? Etc?

No! Of course not. I say "Damn the torpedoes!" Right? Sure, everything can, and probably will go wrong, that's just built into anything we take on. But even with this knowledge we must venture forth into that murky mist! Do your best to prepare. Figure on detours, walk-backs, re-thinks, falling-down and picking-ups. Come on. Give it a go. What can go wrong?

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