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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Barr was Lying About the Mueller Report! Thought So!


I have to say I am happy to hear that my intuition that the Attorney General Wm. Barr has been lying to us about the Mueller Report all along was correct. Whew!  I mean, I'm not happy that the man lied, but I am happy to know that I knew he was lying as he was lying. I mean, I guess, it's gratifying to know my strong, basic intuition was correct. I really was tracking with the story, and I knew right from the get-go that something smelled really fishy!

I won't go back to my initial blog posts, but there were a few days there where I wondered if I was being overly-suspicious or paranoid, was I the one who was not seeing clearly?

Turns out no, that's not the story. As Kevin Drum sums it up: "It sure sounds like Mueller thought Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice, which should have been referred to Congress for impeachment proceedings."

I was correct to be suspicious and a bit paranoid. Barr was lying through his teeth all along. He lied to congress. He lied to the American public. He did it blatantly. It seemed a bit too audacious. You know, a sober-sided, white guy in a suit, speaking in authoritative legalese. He couldn't be lying, could he?

What was that all about? Bullshit. The man was peddling bullshit. You have wonder why. Just buying time for our Criminal in Chief? Helping with the coverup? Trying to protect the GOP? Daring the Democrats to step up and do the right thing?

The next imperative: we need a few tough-minded, sharp, intense, progressive, Democrats dedicated to the rule of law and to the constitution to stand up and be counted. It is time to do the necessary work. Surrounded by crooks and scoundrels. Our Democracy is in deep crisis.

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