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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Start a Conversation and See What Happens!

So much to do, so little time...

Last night we were in a safe oasis, a little art space. It was quite the beautiful setting, filled with an amazing collection of people from all over the world. We made connections there that were only possible because of reality of this fantastic, welcoming little art space. Folks creating and connecting. A community of artists, and of people who like to hang with artists and creative, open-minded, open-hearted people. We realized you can easily reach out and connect.  Anytime. You just have to show up, be aware, be awake, be open. Let your guard down, speak, listen. We made so many new connections with so many people. That's how it's done, one person at a time, one on one. So yes, of course, we can all try to "fix" the world. How do we do it? Human Being to Human Being. One person to another person, and so on, etc. So many people to meet. So little time. I mean, it's daunting. Impossible. Too many billions of us, on this raging, needing, wanting, seething Ball of Confusion. So you pull your horns in a bit, you just try to do your small part. You say "Hello," to someone you don't know, someone you just met, you open your heart, your head, you have a conversation and see what happens!

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