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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Soundtrack to Our Grand, Toxic, Overstuffed,Totally Stressful, Dark and Hallucinatory Dystopia!

Listening to Thom Yorke and Radiohead this morning. I have always believed that this band has been on the forefront of thought, and musical excellence for a long time. I see Thom Yorke as a "canary in the coal-mine," a little super-sensitive, slightly-neurotic, vibe-detector in our grand, toxic, overstuffed, totally stressful, dark and hallucinatory dystopia.

Welcome to paradise. We live in amazing times, dark times too, and the looming catastrophe seems to be hanging over us always. That seems to be the grand theme that Thom Yorke is channeling. He is one tightly-wrapped canary, impulsively singing for his supper.

What's Radiohead's best album? Pretty much whichever one you are listening to at the moment. This morning it's "In Rainbows," but it could just as easily be "Kid A," or "OK Computer, or "Hail to the Thief," or "Amnesiac," or "A Moon Shaped Pool." Etc.

All great records. There is a similarity, and excellence of vision throughout their discography. Thom Yorke's voice is a thing of wonder, a bit disturbing, engaging, evocative. He always leaves me grasping for meanings, makes me a bit sad for our species. Just the sound of his voice does it to me, even before I start decoding the lyrics.


Check out yesterday's post. People. People are the problem. People could be the solution. I think it's pretty much up to us. Which is scary. Sometimes it's obvious we are not as smart, logical, empathetic, responsible, and ethical as we pretend, presume, or hope to be.

There is a great divide amongst us. There are still those who think we can look to the Gods to take care of everything. The rest of us realize it's all really up to us.  You know, we live in a Jean Paul Sartre Dystopian Universe. We are all responsible. For everything. Even the things for which we have no control. It's a tough job, but if we don't do it, it won't get done.

Everything will not work out for the best. If everything happens for a reason, sometimes everything happens because the reason is a fucking, stone-cold killer.

Here's another scary chart. This morning it's the amount of carbon dioxide we are releasing into the atmosphere. This is primarily caused by our addiction to Fossil Fuels, our addiction to $, our addiction to meat, our addiction to factory farming, automobiles, and our voracious, mindless consumer consumption. All this human activity is creating havoc for our interconnected web of life. Climate Change? How about Looming Catastrophe? Is it time for a New Green Deal? Fuck yes, well past time.

Can we change our ways? Can we be smart, make sensible, sustainable lifestyle choices? Doesn't seem that hard. Wonder if the people will get their shit together in time? Thom, I hate to ask, what do you think?

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