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Monday, September 16, 2019

The Space Between Too High and Too Low...

The story of Icarus...

Sort of about our human condition. Don't fly too high, or too low. But for sure, you do want to fly, you want to fashion wings for yourself, even if they are just made from plastered-on feathers and wax.  Human beings were not born with wings, we were not meant to fly, but we want to fly, yes, indeed, we do.

Maybe the wax and feathers are actually our dreams, our persistence, our perseverance, our gumption, our "can-do" attitudes, our wacky ideas, our crazy schemes, our pipe-dreams, our wishes.

So yes, we want to fly high, as close to the sun as we can go, without risking our skins. We want to see the light, we want it blazing in our eyes. We want to feel the heat on our bodies, every cell on-fire. We want to soar and circle and do crazy loops in the big blue sky.

We know there is the inevitable "come-down," there is gravity, the ground beckons us downward. We will tire, we will get "burned-out," we will need to recharge and recoup our energy. So yes, we need to return to the ground without crashing. We need to calibrate, we need to navigate some kind of safe landing.

There is a big middle between too high and too low. We want to fly the spectrum. Easily and with no effort, for as long as we can. Our wings are fashioned by us, we want to use them.

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