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Friday, September 13, 2019

The Mad Idiot King - Ordained by God - NOT!

I do believe we live in a world of signs and wonders. Different folks, different signs, different wonders.

I see the Mad Idiot King (see previous post), someone else sees a Man "Ordained by God." Yikes. A friend of ours last night told us he was on the phone with a nice elderly woman who lives in North Carolina. Politics came up in the conversation. She told my friend that she supports our current President, that he is on a "sacred mission," and he is "Ordained by God."

Turns out it really is "a thing:" “Millions of Americans,” declared Jeffress at a July 2017 event his First Baptist Church of Dallas sponsored in Washington, D.C., “believe the election of President Trump represented God giving us another chance—perhaps our last chance to truly make America great again.”

So as a Progressive Democrat I try to total up the daily outrages. Off the top my head: Children in cages. Sexual Predator. Stone-Cold Racist. Epic Liar. Narcissistic Sociopath. Russian Stooge. Xenophobe. Money-Launderer. Corrupt. Ignorant. Active, Determined Hater of Women, of People of Color, of the Weak and Vulnerable.

The Mad Idiot King is truly a broken vessel. They say God works in mysterious ways. Yes, indeed. How do we argue with someone who believes that the Mad Idiot King is Ordained by God? Facts don't matter. Dates, events. Evidence. Truth. Science. Etc. All melt in the face of the Divine.

Hah. I refuse to concede "God" to those fucking lunatics. I know my Bible. I know my Jesus. I know my Holy Ones. This is madness. The only way to "win" the argument is to out-number, out-vote those folks. The Mad Idiot King - the Last Great White Hope... your days are numbered. I pity the poor fool.

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