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Saturday, September 21, 2019

I Saw the Future Yesterday...

I saw the future yesterday at the Climate March. There was a gathering in the town square. Folks from all age groups, all walks of life gathered to listen.

I saw the future on a makeshift stage equipped with p.a., a microphone, a bull-horn. High-school-age girls were speaking, leading the rally.

These very young women are the future of our community, of our country, of our planet. Young, female, engaged, socially-smart, totally-connected, plugged-in, aware, awake, active.

They talked the talk: The future is now. We must act. We all can play a part in addressing the looming climate catastrophe.

The future. These young women are the future. They will be here when the worst of the worst climate projections will become real. Lots of folks in the audience will be gone. Some of us will be long gone.

So what does the future tell us? Vote. Support the New Green Deal. Vote out politicians who deny climate change. Be vocal. Demand action.

What else? Each and every one of us can change our behavior. Eat less. Consume less. Become a vegetarian, or eat meat much less often. No fast food. No burgers. Avoid plastic containers & bottles. Turn off the lights. Buy less stuff. Be conscious. Conserve. Live with less.

Some of these sound like paltry, tiny steps, but multiply any of these actions by millions of consumers and you begin to see the logic. One thing we are good here in the U.S.A? We are excellent consumers. Let's be smart, Green, Climate Conscious Consumers.

I saw the future yesterday. There is hope. It was in the eyes, hearts and voices of those young women. The future is now.

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