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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Mad Idiot King: Macbeth/King Lear/Moe Howard!

The Mad Idiot King is now fighting the weather, and the weather men. That pretty much sums it up, right? We have entered the Mad/Idiot Era of our long winter of discontent. Large, old, white man shouting at the clouds, railing against the wind, drawing up his own weather maps, threatening the weather people if they contradict him, drawing new lines on weather maps to prove himself right. The Mad Idiot King is now Macbeth and King Lear and Moe Howard all wrapped into one blubbering, slobbering package of Idiot Madness. You almost feel sorry for the man. He just cannot admit that he is ever wrong, about anything. He lives in a bubble of his own infallibility. Of course, he knows nothing, and cares not a whit that he knows nothing. He thinks that if he shouts and rails and whines long enough we will all just forget, let it go, move on to the next outrage and debacle. He can't let the truth, or facts intrude on his certainty of his own lead zeppelin-like brilliance. Once he lets in the light, the whole shabby edifice would come crashing down. You wonder, if there is ever a twinge of conscience, one little ant-like spark crawling around in that big hollow, toxic cranium? We are stuck. No one really knows what to do with the Mad Idiot King. Sensible folks are hoping we can just wait him out. Of course, the Kingdom is dying before our eyes. All of our cherished institutions are being slimed beyond belief. No one gets out of this without the Madness, the sheer, unmitigated Idiocy just overwhelming us all. Fuck. Fuck the Mad Idiot King. Blow wind blow.

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