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Vote Blue 2020

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Emerge & Submerge!

"Life is beautiful and very complicated."

They say that life is a gift. I do think that it is true. A gift. Given to us. For no reason. It's a complex gift. It comes with thorns, razor-blades, prickly, dangerous things embedded in the package.

Maybe a gift with no giver.

No giver we can clearly identify. I mean, we are alive because the Universe is a playground for life. The giver is not a person. We emerge from a ball of enzymes, a collection of cells, an egg, a sperm, a dash of lightening, minerals and chemicals somehow stirred up and energized. We are an amazing collection of cells and organs, all working together with no defined purpose, except to breathe and walk and talk and take it all in. Teamwork. Actualized.

We have to do our best to enjoy the beauty and wonder, and avoid the danger, the pain and ugliness of being alive. It's a package deal. You get the beauty and wonder, and the ugliness and horror too. We pick and choose, and we are picked and chosen. It's a dance. Fate & fortune, luck & destiny.

We live and think about living. We are in it and outside of it too. Hope it all works out. Hope is one of our tools to live. We run the string out and see where it leads. Maybe it's one grand circle? We emerge and then we submerge.

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