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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Better Gods.

Funny. I have these "insights," they come in a flash, and I wonder, did I read this somewhere, or hear someone else talk about it, or did I know this long-ago, and just forgot? Is it really an insight at all? Does everyone know this? Is it so obvious, a cliche, am I'm stupid to think it's any kind of insight at all?

Seems to me, that when folks talk about "God," they are speaking of themselves. God is just a mirror, or a mask that folks put on, and when they put the mask on they speak some kind of truth about themselves.

So if folks tell you God judges, God is vengeful, and he will damn the sinners and send them to all to Hell for Eternity, they are telling you that is what they hope for, what they think, what they want to happen to others. They are telling us who they are, not who God is.

Same thing if folks tell you God is Loving, Caring, Forgiving. These folks are telling you what is in their hearts, not what is in "God's heart." Also if someone tells you they don't believe in God, they are telling you they are in some kind of crisis, casting about, looking for some kind of purpose or meaning.

Those crazy fucking Evangelicals (see previous post), are using God to justify their own greed, their own hatred, their own racism, their own selfishness.

I think of myself. I for longest time had a problem with the God talk. Now, I'm pretty damn neutral. God, well, who knows? If there is a God, she's not a person, she's an emanation, a vibration, an abstraction, a mist, a cloud, a ray of light. She isn't really much concerned with the human realm. She has bigger fish to fry. I see mystery. Everywhere. I feel connected to everything. I don't know what it all means, but that's okay. My God is pretty wishy-washy, air-fairy, just like me.

We all use God. It's a useful concept. We use and abuse. It's a mask, a pose, a projection, a wish, a justification. It's just another damn excuse. Better Humans will invent Better Gods.

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