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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It Always Happens...

Note to the "creatives."

Create anything, put it out there, launch it into the world, into the big, uncaring, indifferent world, and, no doubt, there will be those moments of doubt, indecision, worry, despair, uncertainty. It's natural, part of the process. No doubt. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

It always happens, if you are honest with yourself, it always happens. And it's a good thing. That honesty in the creation is essential too. Even when you a certain you are on the right track, those moments of uncertainty are instructive. Maybe it's just a brief moment, a flash, a "momentary lapse" or it could be a sustained period of reevaluation. It's good, healthy, as long as it doesn't stifle the process. Be aware, it is totally part of the process.

There are those initial moments of play, of unconscious creation, of discovery, of trying things, goofing around, moments of excitement, of falling in love. This almost all happens unconsciously. Then there is the conscious part. That's when things get a bit dicey.

You pull through that part. That takes determination. A willingness to commit. It's work. The good work. And when it comes together, and you persevere, when you conquer the fear, the indecision, the doubt, and you charge ahead, "damn the torpedos" take a stand, put your belief into the process, into the good work, align yourself heart, head & spirit, that's when you know you have something worthy to share.

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