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Monday, July 31, 2017

You Might Ask: "What's Really Going On?"

Hey, if you really want to know "what's going on," in the corridors of power around the Globe, you have to do a bit a research, a bit of digging, a little concentrated reading and listening. If you don't you are doing yourself a disservice. 

The number one rule to keep front and center in your head - Follow the Money...

Be sure to read up on the Magnitsky Act. Be sure to check out the BBC's report on the Magnitsky Affair.  And then read (in the Atlantic) Bill Browder's story, which he just detailed to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Or, if you prefer, watch Browder's full testimony on CSPAN.

Want me to sum it up? I hesitate to do so. You really should read and watch for yourself. BUT let me just say, Vladimir Putin runs a vast Kleptocracy. He sits on an incredible pool of wealth. Most of it is skimmed off the top in Russia. Putin is a thief. He steals from his own country. Putin is joined by approximately 1000 other rich Russian Oligarchs who are part of his illegal operation.

Lots of "illegal money" is flooding the legitimate banking system, the legitimate real estate market, and other markets all over the world, and has been for many years. Lots of Bankers and Rich Folks around the world benefit from all this illegal money flowing out of Russia. 

Think New York Real Estate. Think "money laundering." Think what you would do if you were incredibly, filthy rich, what would you do to keep your money? And what would you do to make sure no one messes with it? 

Might you arrest, and kill and torture, and lie, and cheat, and murder? 

Would you try to disrupt and confuse the people who could "sanction" you? Would you fight tooth and nail to lift sanctions that threaten that vast pool of illegal money? Would you bribe, extort, blackmail anyone who might be useful in your efforts?

Would you meet with Americans who you could easily compromise by making promises, just so you could gain influence? Would you try to tip an election? Would you try to "collude" with a potential Candidate for President?

Ask Bill Browder. He paints a chilling picture. You can't ask Sergei Magnitsky because he was jailed, tortured and beaten to death by Putin's thugs. Just one of many innocent people caught up in this terrible scenario.

Go on. Do some research. Follow the money. It is what's going on...

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