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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Coffee & Hope!

This morning on the cell phone with my friend, she tells me her train is delayed; seems a pedestrian and a train met at a crossroads, and, well, it did not end well for the pedestrian. This is not an uncommon occurrence. It actually happens with a determined regularity. 

You wonder to yourself, how is it possible? 

If it is unintentional, how can such an event occur? What sequence of events must roll out to lead a pedestrian to be on the tracks at that particular deadly moment?

And if it is intentional, what sequence of events leads one to put themselves in harm's way on a sunny, Wednesday morning?

Either way it is a brutal, deadly, messy end. 

Can't imagine. I mean, yes, I can imagine, but it still seems unimaginable. I wake up each day determined to hold onto the wheel. And does the day come when you just want to let that wheel go?

What keeps me hanging on? Coffee and hope. 

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