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Saturday, July 15, 2017

"The News is Real, the President is Fake." - Stephen King

Of course, some of us jumped to the conclusion way early. We are a bit ahead of the evidence. Ahead of the game. We are seeing the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and we know what the picture is, even if some of the pieces aren't on the table. We are just waiting for the evidence and the rest of the world to catch up.

There is a Russian/Dupe/Asset/Spy in the Oval Office. He's kind of the Swiss Army Knife of badness.

How did he get there? With some help from bad actors, dumb luck, bravado, stupidity, bad-blood, hubris. It all unfolded before our eyes. We kept doubting the story. What seemed impossible, became possible.

Now it is all unraveling. Unfolding. We have been hood-winked. We thought that America had stumbled into electing a Grotesque Fool, but he is not only a Grotesque Fool, he is an active Russian Asset, who was assisted by Putin's corrupt regime.

Did he really think he'd get away with it? 

Probably yes. Although maybe he didn't really think he'd get the job. He really did just bluff his way in, and then there was no turning back. Our Dupe was in so deep, after a lifetime of swimming in shit, he didn't and doesn't know shit from Shinola! Bad actors did what bad actors do. They acted badly.

An ex-CIA Officer explains how the Russians compromised the President:  "To me, it's clear that Russian intelligence has been involved with Donald Trump for years. I also believe it's clear, though it's harder to establish, that Donald Trump actively sought that involvement and has consented to it at some point.

It also seems certain that Trump is uncontrollable and would not ever consider himself a spy, but many spies don't consider themselves spies and often don't even know that they're spies. And intelligence services couldn’t care less about that."

Evil or Stupid? Both!

The mountain of lies is crumbling before our eyes. On a daily, an hourly basis. It is a bit awe-inspiring. Kind of a horror-show. Let's pass it over to Stephen King, horror-writer extraordinaire to sum it up in one simple, cogent Tweet: "The News is Real, the President is Fake."

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