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Vote Blue 2020

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Brain-Washed Uglies!

Sometimes you do think you are living in North Korea. I mean, I have no idea what living in North Korea is like, but my impression is that it is a closed society, with a pretty much brain-washed population who either believes their Fearless Leader can walk on water, OR, they are so afraid of their Fearless Leader and his Wolfpack, that they pretend that they believe their Fearless Leader can walk on water.

So really America 2017 is nothing like North Korea. 

But there is a subset, the brain-washed Uglies who believe that the Ugliest American can do no wrong. So yes, from my perspective, I see a man, a flailing, ignorant, malevolent, asshole puffed up to epic proportions who is at war with all that makes America great including the Free Press and the Rule of Law.

And the brain-washed Uglies? They don't care. They don't doubt their Fearless Leader. I actually heard some folks on the radio who said they think everything is fine, their Fearless Leader is doing a great job, it is just all those "enemies" out there trying to tear a good man down.

And what would get them to change their minds? They would need to hear from someone they trust. A Voice of Authority, like Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity...

Jesus H. Christ! The brain-washed Uglies are in deep denial, dire straits. What a sorry lot. You begin to realize there is no reaching these folks. Maybe we just need to write them off, move around them, leave them behind?

Would they be interested in traveling to new and interesting places?  North Korea? I hear it's beautiful there...

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