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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

We Need a Strong, Beautiful, Wonderful Woman to Save Us!

We unplugged and went to the movies yesterday. We sat down in our theater seats and gave ourselves up to the movie gods. A classic "popcorn movie." We skipped the popcorn. 

Turns out my favorite, (I didn't know), Superhero, (by miles), is Wonder Woman - a young, beautiful, uncommonly strong, woman who comes from an island of Amazons, the daughter of Zeus, who is enticed to come to save humanity. 

And what of the humans she comes to save? We are pathetic, stupid, flea-ridden, badly-dressed, ill-mannered, prejudiced, out of shape, cowardly, selfish, conflicted, violent, and undeserving of any care or the help from a god. 

But help us she does. Why? Love?! It seems like a paltry thing, and a bit of a stretch, but it sounds good, right?!

Actually, I think she really enjoys kicking-ass. If you have amazing superpowers, and you look good in short pants, you want be sure you do the thing you are supposed to do. And she does. Beautifully, gracefully. It's all brilliant.

And it's a nice fantasy. What if a powerful, benevolent woman could come a save us in this moment of dire difficulty? That would be cool, for sure.

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