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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Am I a Genuine Buddhist?

Tossing and turning in an early morning half-sleep. Sleeping, but not sleeping, aware of thoughts streaming thru my consciousness, most of them upsetting: unresolved problems, old unhealed wounds, a greatest hits collection of past failures, worries, doubts, regrets. Better to get up and make the coffee.

Fresh-brewed coffee in hand I take a short walk with my furry companions in the morning sunshine. The day is teeming with life. Little creatures running thru the gardens, across lawns, scurrying, rummaging for something good and nourishing.

There are large, white Buddha-head sculptures, in our neighborhood, the Buddha-head seems to be emerging from the ground, half a head, protruding into our world, unbidden, but not unwelcome. These heads can be found in parks, gardens, bike paths  throughout our town. I always assumed, without really thinking,"art project," but this morning I take the Buddha as Emerging Buddha.

I really see the Buddha. He looms up into my consciousness, and overwhelms me. Yes, Art, and Buddha-consciousness.

Funny. I wonder how many genuine Buddhists there are in this town. I wonder to myself, "Am I a genuine Buddhist?" There is something noble, and peaceful about the Buddha-head. It is a silent witness, an unmoving presence. It demands nothing, but opens a door to my open mind. A glimpse of a cool, healing, compassionate 
silence and strength.

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